Kylian Mbappe’s agent-mother told her to stay away from Akraf Hakimi because she tried to poach him

Fayza Lamari, Kylian Mbappé’s mum, has been accused of “disrespect” amid rumors she tried to scam her son’s PSG team-mate Achraf Hakimi as a second buyer.

The Moroccan full-back’s agent, Alejandro Camano, of football company Footfeel, said he was shocked by rumors that his buyer Hakimi could be linked with another agent, denying claims that Hakimi “has no chance of leaving”.

“We are surprised that the mere fact that she is the mother of an important player allows her to interfere in the market,” he informed AS.

‘Achraf is part of the Footfeel family, he has been committed to the project for many years and has a friendly relationship with Kylian, which we respect.

“The fact that Mbappe’s people are revealing information that Achraf could be part of his company is extraordinary because of their lack of market knowledge.

“Being a member’s mom is not enough, I think there’s a lack of respect for the career, there are nice brokers who operate in a really tough, very tough market…. We think it’s a fallacy that there’s no such thing as an alternative (Hakimi’s accession).

Kylian Mbappé’s mum (real), Fayza Lamari (left), has been accused of trying to rip off his PSG team-mate Achraf Hakimi to add more buyers to her football company.

Achraf Hakimi (pictured) has been linked with a move away from PSG, however his brokers have played down any ideas that he could be set for a different job.

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