KIWI Axis Bank RuPay Credit Card: 2% Fixed Cashback, Get Full Details

In this article, we are going to tell you about the new Kiwi launches. The introduction of the kiwi credit card platform, the platform’s all-inclusive “Credit on UPI” consumer solution was announced. As the first app in India to receive certification from NPCI, Kiwi will enable customers to enjoy “credit on UPI” by issuing Rupay cards in collaboration with banks. Waitlisted users will receive flat rates of 2% and 1% cashback, respectively. The Kiwi app is expected to launch in mid-May, but users can already register and join the waitlist. Kiwi’s RuPay credit card users will be able to make UPI payments. In 18 months, management aims to recruit 2 million users.

Explanation of the KIWI Axis Bank RuPay credit card

With the launch of its mobile app, which allows users to securely make payments using a credit card or bank account via their phone, the company hopes to establish one of the largest direct-to-consumer (D2C) models in the credit market. With over 30 crore unique users and 5 crore registered merchants on the network, UPI has become India’s most inclusive payment method, according to Kiwi co-founder Siddharth Mehta. With the release of the Kiwi app, users can now combine the strength of a credit card (RuPay) with the convenience and simplicity of UPI for the first time in India. Over the next 18 months, our goal is to enable 1 million users to access credit through UPI.

New Zealand users will receive an instant digital RuPay credit card. After obtaining the card, customers can link it to UPI on the app and use the “Credit on UPI” transactions option at offline and online retailers. With a variety of tools such as restricting cards, increasing limits and making card payments while rewarding users for every transaction, the Kiwi app will also help users manage their cards.

According to Praveena Rai, COO of NPCI, Kiwi “will be a game-changer in the Indian credit card industry as we move closer to achieving the goal of ‘digital payments for all’. Given that around 3.2 lakh crore or about 2.5 times more money is spent monthly on UPI P2M transactions than on credit card transactions, Kiwi is poised to tap into a large untapped market. Kiwi’s approach will adapt to a significant number of Indian credit card customers on a daily basis depending on the white space Kiwi is targeting. So it was all about this deal. So stay tuned for PKB news .


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