Kevin Johnston of Lafayette LA, a 30-year-old man died in a car accident

Death of Kevin Johnston – Kevin Johnston, resident of Lafayette, Los Angeles, died suddenly following a death after driving westbound I-10 near the 86-mile marker. Friday June 9, 2023 was the day the incident occurred. A call was made to the Rayne Police Department just after 10:30 p.m. Based on the findings of numerous investigations, the 2013 Chevrolet Suburban driven by Kevin Johnston was determined to be traveling westbound on Interstate 10 when it collided with a 2018 GMC Acadia which was also traveling westbound on the highway.

What happened to Kevin Johnston?

After the collision, Kevin Johnston got out of his car and walked down Interstate 10, where he was struck and killed by a 2011 Ford Taurus. According to eyewitness accounts, Johnston had displayed erratic driving behavior on a considerable distance before the first. collision. Despite it still being unclear whether Johnston’s erratic driving was the result of impaired driving or a medical issue, a blood toxicology sample was taken for investigation.

There was no reason to assume that the driver of the Taurus was intoxicated, and a voluntary breath test revealed that there was not even the slightest trace of alcohol in his system. The driver was safely strapped in at all times and suffered no injuries. The cause of this accident has not yet been determined. More details soon. This is a developing story

Kevin Johnston’s obituary and funeral plans will be released at a later date

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