Kelby Fortner died in a Missouri accident after falling from a pickup truck

Death of Kelby Seth Fortner – Kelby Fortner, a man from Walnut Grove died after falling from a van. The accident that led to his death happened on Saturday morning June 10, 2023. It was discovered in the investigation by authorities after the accident that he was in the back of a van on Saturday morning was the victim of a fatal accident when he fell from the vehicle. The victim was a resident of Walnut Grove.

Missouri pickup truck crash

According to the accident report that was filed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 39-year-old man drove a Dodge Laramie up a hill adjacent to the Mutton Creek marina and campgrounds in Stockton Lake at approximately 1:1:00 a.m. 50 in the morning. The hill was located near Lake Stockton. Kelby Fortner, who was 27 at the time, was a passenger in the tailgate of the truck when he lost his balance and fell.

Kelby Fortner was fatally injured and was pronounced dead by authorities at the scene. Condolences were sent to his family members and the entire community after the news of his death was brought to them. In 2023, this is the 54th fatal collision that MSHP Troop D has looked into.

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Newton County Central Communications received information about a collision on Old Highway 60 in rural Seneca at approximately 2:45 p.m. Thursday afternoon, June 8, 2023. The 5600 block of Old Highway 60 caught the attention of Newton County deputies. , a Newton County Ambulance and Seneca Rural Fire Department. Notification was given to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. We are briefed by Cpl. CC Clark of D Troop while at the scene. There were three people inside the vehicle.

One of them died at the scene. The driver was taken into custody on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, but was allowed to go to hospital for treatment. Additionally, he mentioned that the Major Accident Investigation Unit (MCIU) had been called in to help with the investigation into the fatal crash.

Kelby Fortner’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be posted by family members

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