Kari Lake declares herself ‘legitimate governor of Arizona’ and exposes weird Ducey assembly in new e-book

Election denier Kari Lake is not backing down from her claim that she is the rightful governor of Arizona as she prepares to run for the Senate in the fall.

Her arguments have been rejected in court. But as the 53-year-old ally of Donald Trump prepares for the next phase of her political life, her new e-book has made claims that deliberate manipulation of election tools cost her victory.

“I am the rightful governor of Arizona,” she writes. “The current occupant of the governor’s office is just a squatter.

“I am committed to restoring the fairness and integrity of Arizona’s elections.

“This is a mountain we cannot sacrifice.”

Kari Lake will unveil her memoir, Unafraid, on Tuesday, detailing her allegations of voter fraud and a manifesto for her upcoming run for the U.S. Senate.

“Kari Lake’s story does not end in defeat because she has only just begun,” writes former President Donald Trump in a glowing foreword that only fuels the hypothesis that she could possibly be his running mate when he returns next year. wins the Republican nomination

Her e-book is called Unafraid and will probably be in print Publish the winning team on Tuesday.

Like various candidates, she uses it to craft her political manifesto and pay off, all the while describing how she went from a beloved TV news anchor to one of many of the area’s most divisive politicians.

Her mix of telegenic presentation experience and fiery America First rhetoric has seen her as a possible choice for Trump’s VP.

“Kari Lake’s story does not end in defeat because she has only just begun,” the former president writes in a glowing foreword that only fuels the hypothesis that she could possibly be his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination. bring inside.

Her marketing campaign to become governor resulted in defeat last year. She lost to Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs by about 17,000 votes.

She contested the termination in court filings, arguing that the problems prevented her supporters from voting on Election Day and claiming that signatures on submitted ballots were not properly reviewed by staff.

But over the past month, Arizona has been cited as failing to defend its argument that the state’s largest county did not properly validate the signatures.

These arguments and her coverage of election review take up part of her e-book.

Lake signed copies of her e-book about the Faith and Freedom Convention in Washington on Saturday

Lake kicks off an e-book tour this week that breaks Trump’s participation in a golf game in New Jersey.

So is her criticism of Republicans and Arizona heavyweights like the late Sen. John McCain.

She decries what she calls the “Unparty,” a multinational gathering of Republicans and Democrats to silence the voices of queer Americans.

And she likes to explain the montage with Doug Ducey, the term-limited Republican governor, after she won the nomination for celebrating his successor.

He has previously described Lake as a “fake” and accused him of misleading voters by accepting Trump’s debunked claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

According to her, Lake texted the governor asking for a meeting so they could bury the hatchet and work together to keep Democrats out of the governor’s mansion.

Lake also describes an awkward encounter with then-Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona, with whom she had fallen out while campaigning for the Republican nomination.

“Governor, your legacy of educational freedom is so important, and as a mother I appreciate you signing these protections into law. I want to make sure we win and protect that legacy,” she said when they met.

He stared at me and let there be a long, awkward silence. “Yeah,” he nodded. And nothing extra.

He stared at me indefinitely. After a long, awkward passive-aggressive pause, I laughed and surveyed his assistants. What the hell happened?

“Why did he agree to meet me if he sat like a prick?

“It was actually funny. Ducey agreed to meet and turned it into a staring contest?

She then asked for advice on how to win the general election.

Another dead look and a long pause, and then he said in a monotone, “You’re getting mpre votes. Whoever gets more votes wins.

Lake just returned from a household trip to the Bahamas. She spent 5 days there with her son, daughter and husband earlier than starting the next section of her profession

She is seen posing with an amber fish throughout her household journey

She goes on to chalk it up to her being “the most awkward meeting of her life,” saying that she later realized Ducey had just finished producing a self-help e-book that calls for not speaking for the first 30 seconds of a meeting in an effort to get the top shelf. hand.

Lake just got back from a five-day trip to the Bahamas and is on a nationwide e-book tour this week. It consists of Trump’s Bedminster golf membership event in New Jersey.

Insiders say she will begin recruiting in the Senate in September.

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