Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker slams Biden’s ‘delusional’ stance on abortion in commencement speech

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker just lately known as out President Biden over his “delusional” help for abortion as a working towards Catholic. 

The three-time Super Bowl winner laid into the 81-year-president throughout a fiery commencement speech Saturday at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kan., the place the NFL star additionally criticized the federal authorities’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and aired out his frustrations with a litany of different political, spiritual and cultural points. 

“As a group, you witnessed firsthand how bad leaders who don’t stay in their lane can have a negative impact on society,” Butker, 28, mentioned early in his 20-minute deal with to the graduates of the small Catholic liberal arts college, referring to the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Harrison Butker
Butker slammed Biden for professing to be a Catholic whereas supporting abortion rights. Benedictine College

“While COVID might have played a large role throughout your formative years, it is not unique,” the kicker argued. 

“Bad policies and poor leadership have negatively impacted major life issues. Things like abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia, as well as a growing support for degenerate cultural values and media, all stem from the pervasiveness of disorder.”

And the buck stops with Biden, in keeping with Butker. 

“Our own nation is led by a man who publicly and proudly proclaims his Catholic faith, but at the same time is delusional enough to make the sign of the cross during a pro-abortion rally,” he mentioned. 

The line was a reference to Biden’s weird use of the gesture, which Catholics typically make earlier than and after prayer, whereas listening to pro-abortion remarks delivered by Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried final month. 

 Biden is America’s second-ever Roman Catholic president.

Joe Biden
Butker ripped Biden for making the signal of the cross throughout an occasion whereas the pinnacle of the Florida Democratic Party spoke in favor of abortion rights. Fox News

“He has been so vocal in his support for the murder of innocent babies that I’m sure to many people it appears that you can be both Catholic and pro-choice,” Butker went on.   

“He is not alone. From the man behind the Covid lockdowns, to the people pushing dangerous gender ideologies onto the youth of America, they all have a glaring thing in common — they are Catholic. This is an important reminder that being Catholic alone doesn’t cut it,” he argued. 

Harrison Butker
Butker is a three-time Super Bowl winner and an outspoken Catholic. Getty Images

The NFL participant urged the brand new grads to “stop pretending that the ‘Church of nice’ is a winning proposition,” encouraging them to talk out in opposition to what he known as declining morals.

Biden has repeatedly known as on voters to re-elect him in 2024 and to elect a Democratic House and Senate that may codify the correct to an abortion nationwide for the reason that Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022.

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