Julian Garcia of North Providence dies after being shot while delivering food in Pawtucket

RHODE ISLAND, shooting — The victim was identified as Julian Garcia of North Providence by the Pawtucket Police Department on Sunday, according to a report from an NBC station. Garcia was reportedly a resident of North Providence. It was confirmed over the weekend by authorities in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, that a man who was shot multiple times while delivering food on Friday night died unexpectedly as a result of his wounds. The age of the man was exactly 21 years old.

WJAR reports that when law enforcement officers responded to a call for gunfire around 9 p.m. Friday night at the intersection of Barton and Montgomery streets, they found a large number of spent shell casings in the area. After some time, authorities learned that a man had been shot and sent to Miriam Hospital for treatment. Investigators came to the conclusion after their investigation that the victim and a vehicle that had been discovered at the hospital were linked to the crime.

On Saturday, police acknowledged the victim was dead, but did not release his name immediately. WJAR reports that police have not made any arrests in connection with this investigation; however, they believe there may have been more than one person involved in the commission of the crime. Calling the Pawtucket Police Department at the following number, 401-727-9100, is strongly encouraged for anyone who may have information about what happened.

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