Joyce Hicks died in her own car accident in Nashville on June 5 after a crash accident

Death of Joyce Hicks – A woman died in a single-vehicle car crash on June 5, 2023. She was identified by authorities after the Nashville crash as Joyce Hicks. At a Charlotte Park residence, a woman was moving a trash can when she was hit by her car, which was still running, and died as a result, Metro Nashville police say.

Joyce Hicks, 81, had been driving to American Road to see a friend at the time of the crash on Monday June 5, 2023. At the top of a hill, she parked her car on the roadway. The car rolled backwards into a trash can as it started to drive away. Police say Hicks got out of her car on Monday afternoon to move the trash can when her vehicle accidentally knocked her over.

The vehicle rolled over her as it backed up the hill on American Road and came to rest in the front yard of a house. Condolences have been sent to members of Joyce Hicks’ family after her own car accident in Nashville.

Joyce Hicks obituary and funeral arrangements to be released by family members

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