Joy-Anna Duggar admits her newborn son kept her up ‘all night’ as she shares new photos of baby boy Gunner

JOY-ANNA Duggar has admitted she has “tired eyes” thanks to her newborn son.

Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth welcomed their baby boy Gunner last month and she shares a lot of content on Instagram for her fans.

On Friday, the reality TV star took to her Instagram Story and posted an adorable photo of little Gunner napping in his baby chair with a red striped blanket.

She then shared a photo of Gunner wide awake and propped up on a sofa as she held a large cup of iced coffee to go in front of him.

“Coffee to help me get through today…” she captioned the snap, then added, “This little man got a lot of sleep all night (hence my tired eyes!)”

In a separate Instagram Story post, Joy-Anna admitted in a video that she doesn’t wash her hair as much as she used to thanks to motherhood.

In the clip, Joy-Anna appeared to be wearing hardly any makeup and she told her followers about her favorite hair products and showed how she uses them.

The Counting On alum said the dry shampoo was “perfect” for her “busy life stage”.

Last week, Joy-Anna and Austin were slammed for taking their son to dinner when he was just a week old.

The mother-of-three took to her Instagram Stories to share photos from their romantic anniversary meal.

The former reality TV star smiled as Austin, 29, took her picture across the table at a restaurant, and vice versa.

Joy-Anna was holding her newborn baby boy and in front of her was a large slice of pie with two spoons resting on the plate, decorated to say “Happy Birthday” around the edge.

Joy-Anna then shared a photo of her husband, who didn’t have the same happy expression on his face as his wife.

Instead, Austin stared straight at the camera, unsmiling, over his empty plate.

Joy-Anna joked in her caption, “Eagerly awaiting her food…”

Austin’s “angry” expression aside, fans on Reddit were stunned that the couple brought their baby to dinner so soon after he was born.


“Okay, but why are we taking our week-old newborn out in public?” asked a fan.

Another said the photos made it look like Joy-Anna “had to look after the baby all night and even when her food was there.

“But he (Austin) went empty-handed even when he was ‘looking forward?’

“I understand he’s a newborn, but it’s still their special night and Joy can’t fully enjoy herself as she has to look after the baby for the whole dinner party.”

A third wrote: “…Stay home, order, watch a movie together and try, Austin, to be aware that your wife has just given birth to another human being and is now breastfeeding said human and might just be sold out.”

A fourth wrote: “That’s what I thought when I saw it. I just had my second baby 2.5 months ago and the last thing I wanted to do about 1 week after giving birth was get dressed and go out to dinner.

A fifth scolded that they could have gotten a helping hand: ‘Couldn’t they just leave the baby with one of their million and a family member for a few hours for a birthday dinner?’


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