Joy Ann Duggar’s husband Austin Forsyth is being slammed for ‘humiliating’ the ‘exhausted’ mum-of-three by talking her out of the pastor’s message after church while she was ‘trampled’ by their ‘obnoxious’ new child.

Joy-Anna Duggar could have damaged some of the strict housekeeping guidelines of her controversial family, however a model new vlog has her followers questioning about her husband, Austin Forsyth.

Earlier this week, Joy-Ann appeared in a video posted by her YouTube accountFollow The Forsyths and it was documented week by week in their lives, together with a father and son tenting journey with Austin and Gideon, Joy-Ann homeschooling their children and family time.

But the followers have been excited when the family from church arrived right here, and Austin requested Joy Ann if she remembered the “message” preached at the service.

Reality TV fan account No crystal ball uploaded a clip of that section from the vlog, and followers blasted Austin for “humiliating” her by “interrogating” her when she was “exhausted.”

Joy-Anna Duggar could have damaged a number of strict regimes in the Duggar family, however followers are on her husband Austin Forsyth after a vlog he uploaded.

The clip began when Joy-Anna, Austin and their three youngsters – Gideon, Evia and Gunnar – arrived right here from church.

“Okay, Gunnar is upset. We got here house from church and he says, “Feed me five minutes ago,” Joy-Ann explains as Gunnar rages in her arms.

She went on to say that they “stayed up late” and it was a “long night,” however that it might finish on a constructive word with a constructive assertion, together with that “it was really good.” Good friendship.

Austin then questions, “What was the message?”

Joy-Anna, seemingly surprised, says: “That was great news,” together with: “It was phenomenal.”

She then playfully quips, “What, do you want me to say?”

However, Austin provides and asks, “What were (the pastor’s) three points?”

“I don’t remember the dots anymore. They all started with P,” she replied.

The clip began when Joy-Anna, Austin and their three youngsters – Gideon, Evia and Gunnar – got here house from church.

Fans have been most involved after the household returned house from church and Austin requested her if she remembered the “message” from the service.

Once upon a time, Austin wonders, “How was the news?” Joy-Ann, seemingly surprised, declares that “it was a great message”, together with: “It was phenomenal”.

She listed ‘safety’ and ‘safety’, but it surely was troublesome to call the third, which was ‘privilege’.

Meanwhile, in the background, her youngsters scream “mommy”. She then ends the video with a light-weight farewell.

While the couple seemingly tried to play it off as a cute second, followers sensed that one thing else was occurring below the flooring.

In the feedback part of the clip uploaded by Crystal Ball, followers commented how Joy-Anna felt “exhausted” and “beaten down”.

Throughout the vlog, Joy-Ann always feedback on how drained she is, claiming that she has ‘bother staying awake’ and has ‘been so busy currently’.

“This poor exhausted young woman. I feel so sad for her,” one explicit particular person wrote sympathetically.

“Poor Joy Ann looks exhausted and tested! This is what happens when Joy Ann gets married and has younger kids and a husband who doesn’t care,” one other added.

In the feedback part of the clip, which was uploaded with out a crystal ball, followers commented how Joy-Ann felt ‘exhausted’ and ‘crushed down’.

“I thought this was pretty harmless teasing on his part, but she looks so ragged right now and the baby is fussing and she’s literally talking about how tired she was. It just wasn’t the right time,” stated a 3rd particular person.

An similar particular person added that “maybe he should have taken the little one away from her and told her to rest and put her feet up if she’s so tired.”

Others spoke up and agreed that he ought to concentrate on serving her as an alternative choice to inflicting her further stress.

“Maybe he can help with the fussy baby instead of giving her a pop quiz,” suggests one word.

“A decent husband would put the kids to bed after her possibly exhausting day and let her rest. Not asking her about theology while she had three young children to take care of during her service,” wrote one other.

Identical was well-known for how her present life-style mirrored the manner she grew up in the Duggar household.

“Poor girls went straight from tight families with low education to 24-hour childcare and multiple pregnancies,” they added.

Others spoke up and agreed that he ought to concentrate on serving her as an alternative choice to inflicting her further stress.

Someone else agreed, writing: “She literally went from homeschooling to marriage and babies.”

One particular person even commented how he reminded her of her father, saying he was “Jim Bob’s choice.”

Another fan aptly revealed that even after they adopted the strict Christian routine that Jim Bob and Michelle had put in place, he nonetheless did not deal with the script correctly.

“All he accomplishes by calling her out is to show his flaws. In a Christian marriage, he should be the spiritual leader,” they wrote.

“He is accountable for his household’s (sic) data and scriptural teachings. If they do not know or cannot bear in mind, it reveals a scarcity of data on the half of his chief, not hers. He actually reveals himself badly.

Some followers thought this could be indicative of extra problematic conduct on Austin’s half.

“The way she took ‘that was great news’ was her genuine response and she tried to soften it with a smile and play it off,” one social media particular person wrote.

“Having had a controlling relationship in the past, there are some big red flags in this video and she’s getting tired.”

Some prospects thought this may point out notably problematic conduct by Austin

In addition, he lately criticized her hair after reducing it down, which is in step with fundamentalism

Others had been fast to level out his previous conduct, particularly referring to how he reacted to her hair on the day of their bridal ceremony.

In addition, he lately criticized her hair after reducing it down, which is in step with fundamentalism.

In November 2022, Joy-Ann shared with viewers in a present YouTube video that she bought “Chop.’

“I’m going to chop my hair. I’m so, so, so excited!’ she was excited.

“I’ve always had long hair, but I thought it would be nice to mix it up for winter and this pregnancy.”

Even although she did not let it go too brief—she wore her hair just under her shoulders—Austin made it clear how he actually felt.

“It’s a little short,” he said when he observed her new haircut.

When she pressed him on what he thought, all he may say was, “I don’t hate it.”

Sharing that he thinks the haircut is “nice,” he made it clear that he needs it longer.

He then jokingly referred to her as a “dirty dog” in a tearful account.

This additional upset followers as they felt she should not have been given disparaging phrases – as a joke at the similar time – about her coiffure.

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