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Joseline Hernandez arrested in connection with fight with rapper Big Lex, police say

Big Lex, also known as Alexis Salazar, came to public attention primarily due to his affiliation with Hernandez and the ensuing fight between the two; yet, the general public does not know much about her, despite the fact that Hernandez has been criticized for the explosive character she possesses. The incident during the Mayweather-Gotti fight drew public attention to Big Lex, who is a rapper and social media star. Behind the scenes, as boxing legend Floyd Mayweather entertained the crowd with his punches in the ring, the incident happened.

Former ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ cast member Joseline Hernandez is embroiled in controversy once again after allegations surfaced that she attacked rapper Big Lex during the Mayweather-Gotti fight on June 11 . This incident represents another chapter of Hernandez. contentious past. Hernandez is a Puerto Rican personality, rapper, and reality television actor. She rose to fame on the VH1 reality series thanks to her outspoken nature, dramatic storylines, and combative drive.

The event itself added more tension to the already tense environment that had been created for the Mayweather-Gotti fight. Another fight broke out inside the ring after the fight between Gotti and Mayweather was stopped in the sixth round, adding to the already hectic aspect of the event. The fight between Gotti and Mayweather has been called off. Almost immediately, videos that captured the altercation went viral, boosting attention around the incident.

Hernandez’s actions have renewed debates about his fiery personality, underscoring concerns about his erratic nature and raising questions about the possible repercussions of violent confrontations and the dynamics that can arise during high-profile events. Amid all the excitement, Hernandez and Big Lex got into an argument, which led to Hernandez’s arrest on various charges including trespassing and violence. Big Lex was not involved in the fight. Hernandez’s actions have reignited conversations about his fiery personality.

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