Joel Frazier Murder: Where is Kory Tidrow Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Mean Girl Murders: Mean Rodeo Queen’ chronicles the grotesque murder of 65-year-old Joel Frazier in Dalhart, Texas, in July 2017. His physique was found spherical 4 months later, and the perpetrators had been arrested on the equivalent day. If you’re fascinated about discovering additional regarding the case, along with the killers’ identities and current whereabouts, we’ve your once more. Let’s dive in then, lets?

How Did Joel Frazier Die?

65-year-old Joel Frazier was reported missing on July 11, 2017. The Dalhart Police Department corroborated with the Dalhart Fire Department and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to seek for him. Even the authorities known as the Texas Rangers and at last the FBI for assist. According to evaluations, he was ix-foot-one and weighed spherical 180 kilos. He was last seen carrying a white and orange plaid button-down shirt, wrangler jeans, tan dwelling sneakers, glasses, and a cowboy hat.

Family sources acknowledged all his belongings, collectively along with his automotive, had been found at his residence, and he suffered from some nicely being factors. Dalhart Area Crime Stoppers had supplied as a lot as $2,000 in rewards for information on the case. Officials positioned his stays in an incinerator at a Dalhart meat processing plant on November 1, 2017. The plant was positioned in shut proximity to Joel’s residence inside the 2000 block of East thirteenth Street. One of the employees acknowledged the incinerator stopped working a really very long time previously and was not related to the plant for a couple of years.

Who Killed Joel Frazier?

After the stays had been positioned and acknowledged, the police arrested Joel’s daughter, Camilla Tidrow, and her husband, Kory Tidrow, on murder costs. One of the employees on the plant, Benjamen Buck, was moreover arrested and booked on a probation violation warrant. He was moreover charged with tampering or fabricating proof by failing to report human stays. He labored as a butcher on the plant.

Camilla and Kory Tidrow

Benjamen’s sister-in-law, Tiffany Buck, was moreover an employee on the plant. She acknowledged, “I don’t believe that he (Benjamen) was connected to the murder. I just don’t see him being that way.” Tiffany added, “The incinerator quit working years ago. It got up to 3,000 degrees in there, and it burnt the inside out.” All three alleged perpetrators had been saved on the Dallam/Hartley County jail in lieu of a $1 million bond each.

Where is Kory Tidrow Now?

During the 2019 trial, Attorney Geoff Barr with the Texas Attorney General’s office acknowledged that “it was not necessarily a difficult case.” He added, “This is a no-brainer with what I have proved here. This is a no-brainer, folks. From what we saw from the photographs, shooting someone in the back of the head, we [would] intend to cause death — not recklessness, not negligence, and certainly not accidental.”

Benjamen Buck

Benjamen testified in opposition to Kory and Camilla all through their trials, and Kory was found accountable of killing and hiding his father-in-law’s physique. He was sentenced to life in jail on October 5, 2019. Camilla was moreover found accountable of first-degree murder and obtained the equivalent sentence on December 14, 2019. Benjamin negotiated a plea care for the prosecution and was sentenced to five years in jail after agreeing to testify in opposition to the Tidrows.

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