Jocelyn Chia Religion: is she Christian or Muslim? Controversy and scandal

Jocelyn Chia Religion: Is the stand-up comedian Christian or Muslim? Chia recently faced backlash for cracking a joke about the missing airliner in 2014.

Jocelyn Chia is a lawyer-turned-actor from Singapore. Additionally, she has worked on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Channel, MTV, AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, Vice TV, Discovery+ and Comedy Central.

Additionally, Chia was also named one of Singapore’s top comedians by Buro. The comedian is a regular at New York’s top comedy clubs.

Chia’s journey as an actress is incredible, and she was a lawyer before pursuing her acting career. Moreover, Chia started a new path full of laughter and creativity after giving up her professional career.

Jocelyn quickly rose to fame with her incredible talent and was named in the prestigious entertainment publication Vulture.

Jocelyn Chia Religion: is she Christian or Muslim?

Jocelyn Chia’s actual religion has not been revealed, but many people have speculated that she may follow Christianity.

Apart from that, Chia is from Singapore and the majority of people in Singapore are Buddhists. According to a report, 33.3% of the Singaporean population follows Buddhism.

For this reason, netizens also believe that the comedian could be a Buddhist. In addition to this, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity are also major religions in Singapore.

Also, we can’t mention what Jocelyn actually follows. While her fans and followers are eager to learn about her faith, Chia might drop some clues in the years to come.

Jocelyn Chia Controversy And Scandal

Jocelyn Chia has been making headlines recently, and people are furious at Jocelyn’s joke and the insulting remarks she hurled at Malaysia.

The video is currently going viral on Inter, and people seem hurt that she tried to make something so tragic out of comedy.

So what exactly happened was that during her stand-up segment, she joked that Singapore is now way ahead of Malaysia in terms of development.

She said, ‘Singapore says ‘why haven’t you visited me for 40 years?’ and you’re (Malaysia) like ‘yeah, I tried, but you know my planes can’t fly!

During the segment, the comedian asked someone in the audience where he was from, Singapore or Malaysia. And when the audience said they were from Malaysia, Jocelyn immediately insulted them using swear words.

Next, Chia also talked about Malaysia’s separation from Singapore in 1965. She made fun of Malaysia for still being a developing country and mentioned that Singapore was a first world country. Jocelyn called it the best “breakup revenge”.

Chia went overboard after joking that Malaysian planes couldn’t fly. Then she said, “What? The demise of Malaysian Airlines isn’t funny, is it? with a funny facial expression.

The comedian added, “Some jokes don’t land.” The video is circulating faster than anything, and people are frustrated with Chia that her asocial media handle comment sections that are awash with backlash.

Singaporean Foreign Minister and High Commissioner Vanu Gopala Menon apologized to Malaysians for the comedian’s remarks.

What is the nationality of Jocelyn Chia?

Jocelyn Chia holds dual citizenship in Singapore and America. The comedian currently resides in New York. Also, Chia turns 43 this year.

However, the exact details of his birth and early career are yet to be shared on media sources. Undoubtedly, she is a talented and skilled comedian who also got to perform her stand-up act at the famous Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, New York in 2023.

Chia seems to be taking a break from social media life as her Ig page is currently unavailable and people are asking to ban her Tiktok account.

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