Jenelle Evan’s Well-Being Struggles: The Inside Teen Mom Star’s Medical Issues

Teen Mom alumna Janelle Evans has been candid with followers about her life as a younger mom, the custody battle she faces, and the long-term physical pain she endured trying to raise her household.

Jenelle has been open with followers for years about the many well-being struggles she faces, and over the weekend opened up about the latest topic she’s been dealing with.

Evans, 31, revealed that she had just been diagnosed with problems with her esophagus – thymic hyperplasia, an infected thymus gland.

Here, DailyMail.com revisits all the wellness points Jenelle has braved to talk about, from past hospitalizations to her current fibromyalgia prognosis.

Health battles: Here, DailyMail.com takes a look back at the well-being battles Jenelle has braved, from past hospitalizations to her latest struggles.

JULY 2011 – ADMITTED for ovarian cyst

Evans was rushed to hospital with an ovarian cyst after suffering crippling abdominal pain.

The new mum took to her Twitter website and informed followers that she fears her appendix has burst.

“On the way to the hospital,” she wrote. “I think my appendix is ​​about to burst. I’ve been crying since 2am.

A few hours later she was released and went straight home to rest, along with some pain meds.

In 2011, Evans was hospitalized for an ovarian cyst after experiencing crippling abdominal pain (2019 photo)


Evans was rushed to the emergency room again after his cysts ruptured.

“Please send me prayers. 🙁 Alone in the hospital again with no support for a ruptured cyst rupturing inside me,” she wrote on Twitter.


Evans discovered she had fibromyalgia after years of “extremely severe tension headaches and body aches.”

Speaking about her ongoing, long-term illness, the Teen Mom 2 alum mentioned that she’s been in pain for as long as she “can remember.”

“Like I had the flu but wasn’t sick,” Jenelle defined E! newsearlier than noted that she additionally endures sinus problems and neck and again pain.

In accordance with Mayo ClinicThe condition is “characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain associated with fatigue, sleep, memory and mood problems.”

The mother-of-three continued: “My whole body gets so sore and sometimes I lie in bed and cry. For a long time no one believed my symptoms until I recently got a second opinion from a new neurologist.

She mentioned that having fibromyalgia makes getting around “every day” a challenge because then she has “little energy to do my job.” (if) going to the mattress early due to headache or body pain.

“I want my kids to know that some days are good and some days are bad with fibromyalgia,” Eason mentioned. “Please bear with me on my bad days and I promise to make it right on my good days.”

Loving mother: Evans pictured with son Jace


Just days after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Jenelle was rushed to the hospital for chest pains.

She feared she had an autoimmune disease.

“Spent all day yesterday in the hospital due to chest pains (crying emoji),” the star wrote on Instagram with a blurry picture of pink flowers.

“Please just send prayers,” she added. ‘Thank you! I’ll explain later, too much kindness.

The Teen Mom 2 star opened up about her situation in one other Instagram post, according to Sixth page.

“I have new blood test results… I have 2 acetylcholine receptor antibodies: blocking and binding in my system. Commonly found in myasthenia gravis,” Evans revealed.

Myasthenia gravis is “a chronic autoimmune disease in which antibodies destroy communication between nerves and muscles, resulting in skeletal muscle weakness,” according to Johns Hopkins Drugs.

This disease is widespread in girls in their twenties and thirties and in men after fifty. There is no recognized remedy for the condition.

Getting hot: Jenelle got candid about her esophageal stitches in April (pic 2017)


Jenelle underwent esophageal surgery and has been open with followers about the emotional turmoil surrounding the surgical procedure.

“I’m just going in for surgery on my esophagus today,” Evans posted on social media. “Don’t hold back any support so all prayers are appreciated.”

She put on a brave face and admitted that she was struggling after the medical process.

“I’m about to go in at the deep end,” he lip synced to pre-recorded audio. “I know I’m smiling now, but the light inside me is dying.”

Latest Health Update: Several weeks after the surgical procedure, Jenelle discovered that she had hyperplasia of the thymus gland and liver damage.


Several weeks after the surgical procedure, Jenelle revealed that she was diagnosed with hyperplasia of the thymus gland and damage to her liver.

“#HealthUpdate I found out I have thymic hyperplasia and lesions on my liver and no I don’t have MG like they thought,” she posted on her Instagram Stories.

“I will be discussing these results with my doctor next week and the next steps,” she added, along with a shocked emoji and a coronary heart.

In accordance with PennMedicine.org, Thymic hyperplasia is where the thymus gland is infected. This is a benign condition and will be associated with many different medical conditions comparable to thyroid abnormalities.

The prediction came after Jenelle described how she sought out her pain.

Good info: I don’t have acid reflux. Bad info: They still don’t know why I’m having esophageal spasms,” she posted a day earlier.

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