Jared Moskowitz rejects ‘ridiculous’ idea that Biden could be replaced as nominee

Rep. Jared Moskowitz rapidly shot down any suggestion that Democrats ought to rethink having President Biden on the prime of the ticket amid a mélange of polling exhibiting him trailing Donald Trump.

When knowledge analyst Nate Silver’s latest suggestion that Democrats could wish to reevaluate their presumptive nominee, Moskowitz (D-Fla.), 43, was emphatic about backing Biden, 81.

“No, it’s not a conversation worth having,” Moskowitz instructed “Fox News Sunday” about Silver’s suggestion. “Nate, thanks for your participation. But this is ridiculous. We’re well past that conversation.”

Silver brought about a stir in February when he contended that there may be Democrats who’re higher geared up to tackle Trump. Last Wednesday, Silver steered Biden ought to contemplate stepping apart.

Jared Moskowitz
Jared Moskowitz defended President Biden’s observe file and drew a pointy distinction with Donald Trump. CQ-Roll Call, Inc through Getty Images

“If Biden is still struggling in August he needs to consider stepping aside. It’s not a great situation for Ds either way, but you have to do due diligence on the question,” he wrote on X.

Nate Silver
Nate Silver, the acclaimed knowledge analyst, stated he believed President Biden could be in bother within the 2024 election. X / @pushkinpods

“To be clear, replacing Biden at the last minute is a RISKY IDEA THAT WOULD PROBABLY FAIL. The question is whether by August, the Hail Mary could become the least-worst option for Ds. Probably not,” he later added.

Moskowitz, who has clashed with components of the progressive base on the Israel-Hamas battle, has been a staunch defender of Biden, particularly on the House Oversight Committee, which Republicans have deployed towards the president’s son, Hunter.

“President Biden is going to be the nominee. We’re going to have our convention and he’s going to win in November,” Moskowitz affirmed.

“This is going to be between two people,” he stated. “The way I look at the election is do you want Trump back or do you not? That is the crux of the issue.”

President Biden
President Biden has conveyed confidence that he’ll win in November. AP

The Sunshine State Democrat rattled off points such as a “woman’s right to choose” and “a woman having the rights to contraception,” which he argued would entice voters to again Biden.

He did concede that Democrats have came across immigration however argued that Republicans have stymied progress on that entrance as effectively.

“On immigration. Quite frankly, I think both parties are to blame,” he stated. “Democrats were late to come to the table. When we came to the table and got a bipartisan agreement with a conservative bill coming out of the Senate then Republicans walked away because Trump wants to use it in the election.”

Last Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took up a vote on a standalone border invoice that had been included in a failed deal introduced in February meant to unlock GOP assist for assist to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific.

Ultimately, that standalone invoice went up in flames within the Senate.

Jared Moskowitz
The Florida rep. has been an outspoken defender of President Biden on the GOP-led House Oversight Committee. AP

Schumer pushed for that vote within the context of a litany of polling exhibiting Biden underwater on the border in public opinion.

Trump is polling forward of Biden by 1.1 proportion factors nationally within the newest RealClearPolitics mixture of polls. He can be main within the majority of battleground states.

Amid that bleak polling, Moskowitz predicted Biden would emerge victorious come Nov. 5, however careworn it could be shut.

“The election is very close. We’re kind of at halftime now,” he stated. “It’s down to a couple of states.”

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