Jamie Kaas: The hunt is on for white powder WhatsApp video leak

Distraught and outraged racegoers are scrambling to find the girl who allegedly leaked a video of champion jockey Jamie Kaas accumulating traces of the white powder.

Videos of the 27-year-old dissecting a mound of white matter went viral on WhatsApp on Friday.

The newspaper the sun research that the incident took place last Saturday night after Kaas arrived at the residence here from a date night with friend and jockey Ben Melham, who had returned to his residence.

The couple enjoyed a low-key dinner with jockeys Ethan Brown and Celine Gaudry at Mornington seafood favorite The Rocks.

Kah went back to her residence in Somerville, about a quarter-hour from the restaurant, where she discovered Biddell and a “star-struck girlfriend” who also may have race concerns.

Insiders are looking for a video leaker of Jamie Kaas showing traces of a white substance

A hand allegedly belonging to Kah is seen reducing with the help of white powder, while a vape, cigarettes and a lighter are additionally on the desk

She donned the gray outfit she wears in the trio’s selfie, and instead of the video, a white substance is shared with a plastic card.

While the video does not feature the faces of either Kah or Biddle, it confirms their identities through the clothing they are wearing that matches the selfie taken earlier.

However, Kah did not know she was being filmed and did not consent to being videotaped. Insiders are now trying to find the creator and leaker of the video.

A supplier told the Herald Sun: “Jamie needs to find new friends.”

In a statement released on Saturday, Kaas said: “I am determined to focus on my health and recovery after a fall in competition in March which left me with a serious brain injury and three weeks in hospital.

Kaas made the announcement on Saturday after the video was released on Friday night

“I’m working hard to get back to what I love, which is being a passionate and successful jockey.”

“I will continue to focus on my physical and mental health and make a full recovery so I can race again and be the best person I can be.

“I will not comment further.”

Biddell also issued a brief statement asking for “privacy.”

It is understood that race stewards will check once Saturday’s race at Caulfield is over.

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