Jamaal Bowman had a secret YouTube page — and it shows he’s addicted to conspiracy theories: report

“Squad” member Jamaal Bowman allegedly maintained a private YouTube account that subscribed to customers pushing outrageous conspiracy theories — many with roots in antisemitism.

As not too long ago as final month, the Bronx and Westchester Democrat was creating playlists of movies utilizing the display screen title “Inner Peace,” according to the Daily Beast.

The outlet reported that the Bowman channel adopted troves of accounts peddling bonkers claims about aliens, flat earth idea, UFOs and the Illuminati.

The Post couldn’t find the “Inner Peace” account Thursday, and it was unclear whether or not it had been taken down. The Daily Beast reported that “Inner Peace” included photos and footage from the Bronx center college that Bowman based and served as principal for 10 years.

Some of the channels purportedly adopted by Bowman, reminiscent of BreakThrough News, have been recognized to disseminate Chinese and Russian propaganda.

“The American Takeover: How 2 Years of War Made Ukraine a US Colony,” one video from that channel is titled.

BreakThrough News can be rife with anti-Israel content material, a lot of which seems to be consistent with Bowman’s views of the Jewish state’s struggle towards Hamas.

Other channels, together with DiEM25, Free Will, PoliticsJOE, and Real News Network, have featured interviews with pro-terror professor Norman Finkelstein, who Bowman lauded at a panel dialogue on the Israel-Hamas struggle this previous January.

Still one other channel reportedly embraced by Bowman, Afripost, repeatedly shares speeches by Nation of Islam chief Louis Farrakhan, who has referred to Jews as “termites” and “the synagogue of Satan.”

Jamaal Bowman
Jamaal Bowman’s reported YouTube account seemingly shows an urge for food for fringe materials. Getty Images

A current Farrakhan video is titled “BLACKS ARE THE TRUE J£WS [sic],” referring to an antisemitic conspiracy idea pushed by the perimeter Black Hebrew Israelite sect.

Other accounts promoted content material that was out of this world.

“6 Signs You’re Leaving The Matrix For The New Earth,” reads the title on a video from Wired Mind posted some three months in the past.

Jamaal Bowman
The New York rep harassed that he hasn’t essentially consumed these jarring movies from the YouTube accounts he follows. AFP by way of Getty Images

“Signs You Might Not Be from This World,” reads one other video from that account, which promotes content material from the late Dolores Cannon, an writer and New Age chief who trafficked in doubtful claims about aliens, the legendary island metropolis of Atlantis, and alternate realities.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know these accounts, and I haven’t watched any of these videos,” Bowman claimed in a assertion to the Daily Beast.

“There is a war going on that has killed tens of thousands of innocents and people here can’t afford rent and groceries, I think people care more about that than some convoluted story about videos that I haven’t even watched.”

Jamaal Bowman
Jamaal Bowman was caught on digital camera activating a hearth alarm throughout high-stakes congressional proceedings on authorities spending final September. USCP

However, Bowman dropped hints that he was an avid YouTube client when he launched Finkelstein at a Westchester occasion.

“I’m a bit starstruck,” Bowman mentioned of the disgraced prof’s work, per Jewish Insider. “I watch them all the time on YouTube.”

Many of the channels in query have tens of 1000’s of subscribers.

Jamaal Bowman
Jamaal Bowman pleaded responsible to a misdemeanor over the fireplace alarm debacle final 12 months. Anadolu by way of Getty Images

Earlier this 12 months, Bowman was engulfed in controversy after the Daily Beast dug up his previous weblog from the early 2010s, which featured a poem that included a conspiracy idea in regards to the 9/11 assaults.

“2001/Planes used as missiles/Target: The Twin Towers,” it learn. “Later in the day/Building 7/Also Collaspsed [sic]/Hmm…/Multiple explosions/Heard before/And during the collapse/Hmm…”

The congressman later distanced himself from these writings.

Jamaal Bowman
The congressman is broadly considered probably the most left-leaning members of the House. Seth Harrison/The Journal News / USA TODAY NETWORK

“Well over a decade ago, as I was debating diving into a doctoral degree, I explored a wide range of books, films, and articles across a wide swath of the political spectrum and processed my thoughts in a personal blog that few people ever read,” Bowman mentioned in a assertion earlier this 12 months.

The Post contacted Bowman’s workplace and marketing campaign for remark.

The two-term rep is going through a tough major problem from Westchester County Executive George Latimer.

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