Jalayah Eason Autopsy Report: Mother Arrested for Murder

A 6-year-old American girl named Jalayah Eason was discovered unconscious in her apartment in the Bronx. Eason was reportedly found in a coma with injuries all over her body, including her wrists. Additionally, the girl was discovered in the family’s filthy home early Friday morning. In their apartment on the 12th floor of the Forest Houses, a NYCHA facility on East 165th Street, her mother, Lydia Eason, contacted 911 and informed authorities that she had discovered her daughter was cold and not breathing in a closet. . Lynija further claimed that she attempted CPR but her child remained unconscious. 15 minutes after the call, EMS responded and Jalayah was transferred to hospital where she was eventually pronounced dead.

Jalayah Eason autopsy report

Jalayah Eason’s autopsy report has not been released as the investigation is ongoing. So everyone is looking forward to Eason’s autopsy. Following the study, it will be possible to decide whether homicide charges should be filed in the file. Currently, Eason’s mother is accused of endangering her other two children by ignoring and abusing them. After Jalayah’s autopsy, no further charges are expected. According to a police source, they are also awaiting the medical examiner’s verdict. Scroll to the next paragraph of this article to learn more about this case.

Lynija Eason, the mother of Jalayah Eason, has been detained and faces child endangerment charges for abusing and neglecting her other two children. Lynija will also await the outcome of the probable murder charge. These charges will be brought against the defendants if the medical examiner determines that Jalayah’s death was a homicide. Lynija called the New York Police Department on Friday, May 26, 2023, around 4 a.m. to report that her daughter was not breathing and was chilly.

Authorities transported the girl to Lincoln Hospital, where she was pronounced dead after arriving at the East 165th Street apartment. Jalayh Eason’s recent murder trial revealed that his mother, who is charged, was released on probation on Tuesday. Before being flown home to await the outcome of the potential homicide charge, Lynija would be given an ankle monitor. Therefore, more information will be updated following the results of the autopsy. Moreover, Eason’s case is widely discussed on social media and everyone has criticized the mother associated with the death of her daughter. So, stay tuned for PKB news.


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