Jacob Lennon Parents: Meet Mother Louise Lennon And Her Partner Jake Drummond

The information of 15-month-old Jacob Lennon child murder took the web by tornado. The little young boy passed away after vicious and vicious misuse on 27 August 2019.

Jacob Lennon’s mother and her partner, Jake Drummond, were founded guilty over the fatality of the 15-month-old. Drummond fatally drank and struck the little young boy.

Little Lennon was claimed to have a “panda” like face since his face was inflamed and bruised. Jacob’s mother stopped working to shield him and also joked that he resembled a little psycho.

According to Scotland Yard’s Dt Ch Insp Wayne Jolley, it was the saddest instance of his three-decades-long profession and “distressing and emotional” for every person included.

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Jacob Lennon Parents: Meet Mother Louise Lennon And dad

Jacob Lennon’s mother, Louise Lennon, 32, has actually been punished to one decade behind bars for not safeguarding him.

On the various other hand, Louise’s addict guy, Jake Drummond, that fatally drank and struck the young child, was ordered to at the very least 32 years behind bars.

It has actually been reported that Jake Drummond, 33, smoked approximately 15 marijuana spliffs and made use of drug daily. The vicious misuse started weeks prior to Jacob Lennon passed away in August 2019.

Drummond is implicated of bring upon a lengthy checklist of injuries to Jacob’s face, body, and genitalia 3 weeks prior to his death, according to testament offered at both’s March test at the Old Bailey.

On 27 August 2019, Drummond fatally struck and drank the young kid, leaving his face so battered and puffed up that witnesses claimed Jacob resembled a “panda.”

According to testament given up court, Jacob’s mother not did anything to shield him. She also made jokes withDrummond The pair rejected any kind of misdeeds and condemned each other for Jocob’s injuries.

Lennon insisted that she was “coerced and threatened,” while Drummond kept that he was not at fault for Jacob’s injuries.

Jake Drummond Criminal History

Jake Drummond had actually formerly been condemned of medicine belongings, holding his mother in the throat and pushing an ex-girlfriend right into a wall surface.

Drummond of Roehampton was offered a life sentence with a minimal duration of 32 years for the murder of Jacob and 6 years to run simultaneously for injuring at the openly relayed sentencing at the Old Bailey.

Lennon got a 10-year sentence for creating or allowing Jacob’s fatality and a simultaneous six-year sentence for the viciousness claims, to which she had actually begged guilty.

Jacob Lennon Death: Saddest Case

Scotland Yard’s Detective Chief Inspector, Wayne Jolley, claimed it was the saddest instance of his three-decades-long profession. He added it had been “distressing and emotional” for every person included.

Jolley exposed that the 15-month-old child was subjected to some horrible injuries that were truly horrible and vicious.

Little Jacob had actually received greater than 20 injuries in his little body at the time of his fatality. The injury to his genitalia was just one of one of the most serious injuries, included Jolley.

Although Jacob had an extreme head injury, which inevitably created his fatality, Drummond attacked him over 3 weeks.

As the kid’s mother, Louise Lennon would certainly have understood these injuries were severe and needed clinical interest. But she neglected it.

The little young boy’s mother contrasted his head injuries to being gone down from a first-floor structure.

Detective Chief Inspector even more exposed that the accuseds were rather awful as they made jokes regarding Jacob’s suffering in messages sprinkled with giggling emojis.

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