‘I’ve been cheated by thousands of bad guys,’ says James Bond star George Lazenby

If you are a James Bond fan and want to see his movie, you don’t have to wait. On Monday 05 June 2023, the iconic James Bond film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ is ready to be shown on your television screens, which means that the public can watch this film on television and it is broadcast on ITV. James Bond is one of the most famous and iconic characters who left us with wonderful memories. The name of this character is enough to talk about it and now fans are happy to see the movie on ITV. Those who don’t know will surely be surprised that this film was the turning point of the series, as it was the 1st picture without Sean Connery as 007.

Instead of him, Bond bosses nominated George Lazenby to be part of this film, but his tenure didn’t last long. George Lazenby starred as James Bond in just 1 film before being let go by the owners of the franchise, forcing Sean Connery’s victorious return to the series for 1 final film. The Aussie actor made the most of his time as James Bond. Now, he shares his experience of playing the role and how he got this role. The actor popularly affirmed the role of Bond by walking into MGM’s London Officers and asking for an audition. However, he had no acting experience but was quite convincing in his screen test that he broke another actor’s nose at the time of the test fight.

Before becoming an actor, he was a model but he always wanted to play the main role. When he arrives on the set of the film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, he lives another experience. The American actor gave his interview to a famous media website in 2010 in which he revealed that “I was given thousands of dollars in pocket money and it was all piling up in my suitcase.” He was reportedly paid up to £1,000 a day, which he kept in suitcases around the set of the film.

But when Telly Savalas, the film’s on-screen villain, learned of the huge amount of money floating around, he hatched a devious plan. Telly played Ernst Starvo Blofek in the film and had a great relationship with George, but things quickly got out of control between them. Sevalas decided to invite George to play a game of poker with him in which he lost all his wealth.


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