Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner soak up the sun on a boat in Spain with DJ David Guetta

Former first daughter Ivanka Trump’s summer holiday season continued as she and husband Jared Kushner joined DJ David Guetta on a yacht in Spain over the weekend.

Ivanka, 41, looked pretty in a blue tie-dye swimsuit as she swam in Formentera’s escalo waters, flaunting her manicured nails and reflective sunshades in the pictures, which were obtained in full by

The trend icon previously wore a knitted white dress as she, Jared and their pals arrived in the seaside village.

Meanwhile, Jared kept it casual in a white T-shirt and navy shorts with flip flops.

The trip here comes just days after Ivanka posted pictures of herself browsing the summer solstice in Costa Rica.

Former First Daughter Ivanka Trump is seen right here talking to DJ David Guetta aboard a yacht in Spain.

The 41-year-old trend icon looked beautiful in a blue one-piece swimsuit with a tie, manicured nails and reflective sunglasses as she enjoyed some time in the sun.

Ivanka earlier donned a white knit swimsuit-length dress with white sandals, while her husband Jared kept it casual in a white t-shirt and navy shorts with flip flops.

Ivanka is pictured talking to a French DJ, although it’s unclear what they’re talking about

Those on board the luxury yacht apparently loved the refreshments and meals, but during the summer season to soak up the sun’s energy

You could see Ivanka actively listening and participating in some of the conversations on board the yacht

Ivanka and Jared began their journey in mainland Spain, traversing the rocks and sand earlier than becoming others by speedboat on a yacht.

Later, the two held hands as they walked along the sandy beaches of the coastal neighborhood, as Ivanka apparently donned a white halter top and pink shorts, while Jared wore a blue button-up with patterned trousers.

After boarding the yacht, Ivanka tried to benefit from solar energy.

She was pictured with another beautiful woman and Jared sitting high up where she later sunbathed.

But the previous adviser to the president additionally chatted with most of the others on board along with the French DJ as they loved drinks.

Ivanka and Jared additionally spent time walking along the shores of Es Calo, Fomentera in Spain.

The couple arrived on the yacht on Sunday with many different mates by speedboat

Ivanka was pictured still in her cover-up when Jared spoke on the phone on a yacht in Spain on Sunday.

Ivanka was seen taking shots from the top of the ship with another lovely woman and her husband Jared

Later, Ivanka took the opportunity to sunbathe on the yacht while persistently checking her phone

Throughout the trip, you could probably see Ivanka taking it all in with her phone for plenty of shots.

Her Instagram story showed waves crashing behind the ship as it sped away, along with views of the sunny Spanish coast.

It’s unclear what Ivanka and Jared did with their three children, Arabella, 12, Joseph, 10, and Theo, 7.

But they have been on a world tour for several weeks now, enjoying some time in Greece and traveling to Jordan for the royal wedding ceremony of Crown Prince Hussein and his new wife Rajwa.

The former White House senior adviser recently shared a photo on Instagram of herself holding a surfboard from the Central American country’s surf faculty.

She wore a sporty black swimsuit with a cut-out midriff as she walked along the sand to the water, smiling as her blonde hair fluttered in the wind.

“Enjoying the summer solstice,” she captioned the image, which was posted on the main official day of the summer season.

Throughout the trip, you could probably see Ivanka taking it all in with her phone for plenty of shots.

It’s unclear where Jared and Ivanka’s children have been as they enjoyed the Spanish coast on Sunday

Jared and Ivanka are pictured docking for a day trip to Spain’s Escalo on Sunday.

The couple started their trip in Athens, where she posed for pictures at the entrance to the Acropolis, before heading to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

The former first daughter and her husband additionally visited Hydra, a popular island off the coast of mainland Greece.

Ivanka shared more than a dozen pictures from the trip, along with lengthy captions about the sites they visited and what they meant to her.

“During the pandemic, I re-read The Odyssey and fell in love with Homer’s epic poem all over again. (I cherish Robert Fitzgerald’s translation.) Following in the footsteps of Odysseus these past few days has been an unprecedented experience – historic ruins and legendary landscapes came to life here before my eyes as I explored this breathtaking land,” she wrote in her latest book. publish .

“Thank you, Greece, for bringing Odysseus to life in the most magical way. To new adventures and embracing the spirit of Odysseus in all of us!’

Ivanka Trump, 41, is taking surfing lessons in Costa Rica as she enjoys her last vacation

Ivanka’s trip to Costa Rica comes less than a month after she and Jared visited Greece with stops in Athens, Delphi and Hydra.

After leaving Greece, they flew to Jordan to attend the royal wedding of Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein and his new wife Rajwa.

The couple now seems to be trying to make the most of their time together.

In November, they announced they would not run in her father’s re-election campaign and wanted to stay out of politics.

She said in a statement at the time: “This time I choose to prioritize my young children and the private life we ​​have as a family.

“While I will always love and support my father, I will do so outside the political arena in the future.”

It is not clear what her occupation is as a retailer, if anything.

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