Is Madelyn Cline in Yellowstone?

Is Madelyn Cline in Yellowstone? The talented actress, Madelyn Cline has had a remarkable year, captivating audiences with her performances in various projects and securing modeling opportunities.

With the final season of the popular series Yellowstone underway, fans are eagerly wondering if Madelyn Cline will make a guest appearance on the show.

In this article, we’ll explore the rumors surrounding Madelyn Cline’s involvement in Yellowstone, addressing spinoffs, potential future roles, and clearing up any confusion regarding her presence on the show.

1. The success of Madelyn Cline

Madelyn Cline’s career has been on an upward trajectory, earning significant recognition for her roles on shows like Outer Banks and Glass Onion. His exceptional talent and impactful presence have earned him a devoted fanbase who eagerly await his next projects.

2. Speculation about Madelyn Cline’s involvement in Yellowstone

With the fifth and final season of Yellowstone already underway, fans are curious if Madelyn Cline will join the cast for the show’s conclusion. However, it’s important to note that there is currently no confirmation of her appearing in the remaining episodes slated to air later this year.

3. Yellowstone Fallout

Yellowstone also spawned two spin-off series, further fueling speculation about Madelyn Cline’s potential involvement. The first spin-off, titled 1883, is a limited series starring Sam Elliot and Tim McGraw that airs from 2021 to 2022.

The second spin-off, titled 1932, stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. Although these spin-offs have gained immense popularity, it is unfortunate that Madelyn Cline does not appear in any of them.

Is Madelyn Cline in Yellowstone?

While Madelyn Cline may not be involved in the current spin-offs, there’s still hope for her appearance in future projects related to the Yellowstone franchise.

It’s worth mentioning that a Yellowstone prequel, titled 1932, premiered in 2022 and was renewed for a second series. While Madelyn Cline’s participation in this prequel is unconfirmed, it’s still a possibility fans can look forward to.

5. Clarification: Madelyn Cline and Hassie Harrison

In some cases, confusion can arise between Madelyn Cline and Hassie Harrison, who plays a role in Yellowstone. The two actresses share similar physical attributes, including blonde hair and brown eyes. However, it is essential to note that there is an age difference of eight years between them. Despite the resemblance, there is no family connection between the two.

6. Fan edits and speculation

Social media platforms, particularly TikTok, have played a role in generating speculation about Madelyn Cline’s involvement in Yellowstone.

Fan edits featuring the TV show as a hashtag have surfaced, leading to further confusion. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these edited clips only include scenes from Madelyn Cline’s previous roles, rather than indicating her participation in Yellowstone.

7. Prioritize external banks

Even if Madelyn Cline had been offered a role in Yellowstone, which is purely speculative, it’s likely her commitment to Outer Banks would hamper her availability. The immensely popular Netflix series, Outer Banks, has been renewed for a fourth season following the successful release of its third season in February. Thus, Madelyn Cline’s involvement in Outer Banks would take precedence over other potential projects.


As fans eagerly anticipate Madelyn Cline’s future projects and potential involvement in the Yellowstone franchise, it’s important to address current speculation.

Madelyn Cline has never appeared in Yellowstone before and is unconfirmed if she will be part of the final episodes of the show’s fifth season.

However, there are spin-offs and prequels to the Yellowstone universe that could provide opportunities for his participation in the future. It is crucial to differentiate Madelyn Cline from other actresses to avoid confusion. Until the official announcements are made, fans can continue to enjoy Madelyn Cline’s exceptional talent in her current roles.


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