Is Lifetime’s The Hillsdale Adoption Scam Based on a True Story?


Helmed by Asia Youngman, Lifetime’s ‘The Hillsdale Adoption Scam’ is a thrillerdrama movie that revolves spherical Bethany and her husband, Terrence. The couple already has a daughter named Mila and pines for yet another infant to complete their family. They look ahead to adopting their foster son, however points crumble when his natural mother decides to take him once more. The couple is shattered since they cannot conceive, nevertheless when a pregnant woman named Georgia seeks their refuge, they lastly see some hope. While Terrence is skeptical regarding the stranger at their doorstep, his partner goes all in to help her uncover a job and lodging.

However, Bethany rapidly realizes that Georgia is simply not who she claims to be and has sinister secrets and techniques and strategies and dangerous motives. The Lifetime movie‘s riveting narrative is complemented by the powerful performances of actors like Keshia Knight Pulliam, Danika Frederick, Michael Strickland, and David Tomlinson. Besides, the shockingly lifelike portrayal of private adoption procedures and how people misuse them makes one wonder if ‘The Hillsdale Adoption Scam’ depicts exact incidents. If you’re within the similar, let’s uncover out additional, lets?

Is The Hillsdale Adoption Scam a True Story?

Yes, ‘The Hillsdale Adoption Scam’ depends on a actual story. Part of Lifetime’s ‘Ripped From the Headlines’ assortment, creator Justin D James seemingly penned the distinctive screenplay impressed by real-life circumstances of scams inside the adoption commerce. Having beforehand confirmed his experience inside the movie ‘Deadly Girls Night Out,’ he in all probability drew references from his evaluation regarding the issues explored inside the Asia Youngman directorial.

Unfortunately, adoption fraud is simply not outstanding, as many mom and father decided for a child normally flip to non-public adoption after not getting any favorable responses from adoption firms. Take the occasion of an Ohio couple, Breanne and Greg Paquin, who chosen a private adoption after failing to have a child. Hence, they associated with a pregnant Houston woman eager to current her infant for adoption on social media. The Paquins ran background checks, verified the girl’s id by means of a lawyer, and footed her medical funds of spherical $9000 over the following couple of months.

However, when Greg and Breanne flew to Houston in December 2021 to fulfill the girl and convey home their youngster son, they realized she had conned them and was allegedly not even pregnant. Naturally, the couple was heartbroken at having their hopes shattered and their kindness exploited, however not a lot could very nicely be executed to help them. Another startling event must be that of Gabby Watson, a woman who claimed in 2020 that she had allegedly conned 2,300 {{couples}} by pretending to be a pregnant teen mother who wished to give up her youngster for adoption.

For a variety of years, Gabby would reportedly contact 3-4 unsuspecting {{couples}} each week and lure them into believing her claims of giving them the child they badly wished. Though she not at all immediately took any money from them, she would make them spend lots of on journey and licensed payments. As we’re capable of see in every the cases talked about above, private adoption is a hazardous course of, and a variety of different innocent people are scammed solely as a results of registered adoption firms have prolonged prepared lists or fail to help them uncover sources for adoption.

Keshia Knight Pulliam, who essays Bethany inside the movie, shared the way in which it sheds mild on the potential dangers of private adoption. In an interview with UPI, she said, “Make sure you use a reputable agency. People have had this experience.” Albeit, the actress moreover stated that the Lifetime thriller depicts how emotionally tough adoption is likely to be for people, notably when a natural mother refuses to give up the child on the ultimate second. Still, she hopes it doesn’t discourage mom and father who plan to undertake a youngster.

“Different states have different laws regarding a period in which the biological parent [must] make their final decision. But the end of it is an unimaginable love of a little human being…the film also gives a lot of hope. I would encourage anyone who’s looking to adopt because it’s an amazing thing,” Pulliam said. Interestingly, the actress divulged in a single different interview how she extensively researched adoption and the foster care system whereas getting ready for her place. Moreover, since she was pregnant when filming, she related to her character’s emotional turmoil on a deeper diploma.

Ultimately, ‘The Hillsdale Adoption Scam’ is a fictional depiction of a variety of real-life experiences of individuals which have been cruelly deceived just for turning to non-public adoption to fulfill their dream of getting a little bit one. The creator has used his observations of society and completely detailed evaluation to create a compelling story that not solely educates the viewers regarding the dangers of such situations nevertheless even strikes an emotional chord by means of the agony felt by the protagonists.

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