Is Kirk Hammett Gay Or Bi? His Sexuality Revealed


Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist of the Metallica band. He likewise composes melodies for the gathering.

This band is a consequence of Kirk’s persistent effort. This band has been ruling the music enterprise for pretty a really very long time.

Thus, you’ll constantly observe down crucial areas of power for a between the gathering folks.

However, among the many time, brotherhood can place a star in factors like citing factors about his sexuality. Is Kirk Hammett gay? How about we uncover.

Wondering for no specific function, Individuals Frequently Inquire as as as to whether Kirk Hammett is Gay. Kirk Hammett did nothing too uncertain to ever be gay in his full profession.

As the lyricist and Lead Guitarist of the band ‘Metallica,’ he took private footage with totally different male musicians. Nonetheless, these pictures will merely current you, cohesion.


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So then, at the moment, for what function does the inquiry come whether or not or not Kirk Hammett is gay? This is a direct outcomes of curiosity. Each huge title is gotten some particulars about their sexuality, and the inquiry is, “is he gay?” Subsequently, dislike Kirk Hammett is gay, so persons are asking further. They are merely anxious to see proof of him being straight.

Kirk Hammett’s Relationships Expected He is Straight Nobody should uncertainty Hammett’s orientation mark subsequent to discovering that he had one ex and presently has one different associate. No gay man can wed a female. Regardless of whether or not or not they get hitched, it doesn’t endure higher than months.

Kirk Hammett chosen to wed with out precedent for 1987. He wedded his then-sweetheart, Rebecca. In any case, tragically their marriage couldn’t endure over three years.

In 1990 they break up. Kirk purchased going recording Metallica. His subsequent associate is Lani. They had been an element earlier to sealing the deal. In 1998 Hammett educated the media about his second marriage with Lani. From that point forward, they’ve been residing as essential areas of power for a. Together they tasted being a mom or father two cases.

Both of two or three’s children are children. Their most memorable baby was invited on twenty ninth September 2006.


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He is given the title Holy messenger. Their subsequent baby was born on twenty eighth June 2008, Vincenzo. Obviously, a large title with two pure children can under no circumstances be gay.

Last Words Many band guitarists and artists like Kirk Hammett are questioned to be gay. This is on the grounds that they’ve a manly relationship with their kindred specialists.

A minority of individuals unfold it adversely, for which frequent characters like Kirk Hammett are seen as gay. Be that as it’d, this believed is worthless on the grounds that there’s no verification of him being gay. All points considered, there could also be proof that Kirk Hammett is hetero. He has two pure children and is hitched to a nice lady named Lani.

Their sentiment and robust power of profound devotion are sufficient to eradicate any questions on his sexual mark.

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