Is Joeykaotyk in jail? Joey Khao arrested for exploring Fukushima ruins

Is Joeykaotyk in jail? It began broadcasting in real life in 2017 and has since developed a distinctive fan following consisting of both English and Chinese audiences.

Taipei is the birthplace of Joey Kaotyk.

He has competed as a boy wrestler since his early high school years under the name “Kaotyk”, he once held a position among the top five boy wrestlers in California.

Joey is a live streamer who travels the world and is a professional B-Boy. Bringing game, hip-hop and lifestyle together by sharing cultures from around the world.

Professional B-Boy, live streamer and Taiwanese Twitch celebrity, Joey Kaotyk travels the world. Bringing game, hip-hop and lifestyle together by sharing cultures from around the world.

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Is Joeykaotyk in jail?

Joey Khao, also known as JOEYKAOTYK, a Twitch streamer, may be in legal trouble due to his recent stream in Japan.

Joey, well known for his live streaming and travel-themed content creation, embarked on a perilous journey with his friend Michael Gakuran visiting a small village in the Fukushima area of ​​Japan.

An earthquake and tsunami that devastated Fukushima prefecture in 2011 caused an accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Because of this, the locals had to leave, and the area around the factory was still off-limits to visitors.

But the streamer and his companion broke the law by breaking into abandoned homes. The two people involved were quickly arrested after local authorities were notified.

It is important to note that JOEYKAOTYK was banned from Twitch during his last trip to Japan (September 2022).

While the specific cause for the ban was never made public, rumors began circulating that it may have been related to the streamer entering a nearby adult store, which was against the norm. Twitch communities.

Joey Khao arrested for exploring Fukushima ruins

In Okuma, a city affected by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, JOEYKAOTYK, known for his exploratory streams, was seen entering vacant buildings.

However, sources say a viewer may have informed authorities of his whereabouts, which ultimately led to his arrest.

As mentioned above, the stream is not available on Joey’s Twitch channel at the time of this writing (June 23). The most recent VOD that can be viewed was four days ago.

Japanese media followed the issue, with Fukushima TV among the first to cover it. They said:

According to the police, on June 20 at around 11:20 p.m., the two men “allegedly broke into a closed inn in the hard-to-return area of ​​Okuma city, Fukushima prefecture”.

A person who discovered a video of the two individuals entering the hostel on social media reported it to the police, and a response officer located the individuals near the site.

After verifying the information contained in the broadcast video, he was arrested. He has yet to address the subject directly.

His announcement of his stream in Fukushima continues to be his last post on Twitter.

Although his channel removed VOD, parts of his stream were shared online, including on Twitter. Some of the videos from a user’s most recent feed have been shared.

The video also had an extended version which was uploaded to YouTube. The sight of Joey’s misdeeds greatly infuriated the crowd.

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