Iowa National Guard dies two weeks after accident

On May 22, an Iowa National Guard soldier was killed by a car three weeks before he retired. Iowa City police confirmed Monday that Corey J. Haidt, 45, of Cedar Rapids, died Sunday morning, about two weeks after the crash. Authorities have yet to identify the pedestrian who was hit in the accident, which happened just after 4 p.m. It was the intersection of Melrose Avenue and Kennedy Parkway that day.

Police also did not provide information about the driver of the vehicle that hit the soldier or whether he would face charges in connection with the crash. The Gazette requested recordings of 911 calls related to the crash, but the request was denied after police said the crash was still under investigation. Heit was jogging when he was hit. According to a GoFundMe page set up on behalf of his family, he has spent the past few weeks in hospital with serious injuries, including a broken pelvis, multiple skull fractures, punctured lungs and kidneys, and a swollen brain. As of Monday afternoon, the fundraising page had raised over $4,600.

The family met with doctors last week to discuss Hait’s injury and his future life prospects, according to information posted on the Caringbridge website on behalf of the Hait family. Haidt’s brain injury affects parts of her brain that regulate basic life functions, so she is unlikely to return to a normal life, according to the website. “After much discussion, deliberation and prayer, the family has made the very difficult decision to remove all life support to keep Cory alive,” the website reads. Ms Haidt was transferred to a hospice close to her family until her death on Sunday morning. The family announced his death on the Caringbridge website, saying: “It is with great sadness that our beloved Corey passed away today and won his wings.”


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