In one of the many ‘worst’ grand designs ever seen on the market for £1.95m

The ‘floating’ house which was shown at Grand Designs and branded by viewers as one of the many ‘worst’ they have ever seen can be had for £1.95m.

The four bedroom cantilevered steel frame house was built on a floodplain on the Essex coast.

It was shown on Channel 4 in October 2021 and house builder Geoff (then aged 63) explained how he plans to spend his retirement time completing the property.

Mission accomplished, host Kevin McCluth was in attendance to say that the interior, complete with its mix of blue carpet and orange couches, was not “fashionable.”

The ‘floating’ home by Grand Designs is on the market for £1.95m through estate agents Fine & Country.

Present host Kevin McCloud mentioned that the interior – complete with a mix of blue carpet and orange couches – is not ‘fashion’.

A house in the Essex village of Mayland, between Burnham-on-Crouch and Maldon, is named Seal Point.

It stretches over 3,600 square feet and overlooks the Blackwater River Estuary.

It is located on the first spot of the anti-gravity console, which is about 15 fingers above floor level.

A staircase and lift lead to the primary ground floor hallway and open plan living space with kitchen.

There is a large 260 diploma wrap terrace that connects the rooms and overlooks the massive courtyard with driveway.

Named Seal Point, the four-bedroom house in the Essex village of Mayland is over 3,600 square meters and overlooks the River Blackwater estuary.

The main floor of the house has a staircase and a lift leading to a corridor

The metal superstructure rests on concrete piles that were drilled to a depth of 14 meters, and the bottom is made of poured waterproof concrete.

There are photo voltage panels on the roof and an electronically controlled entrance along with a security system.

The property is being sold by Fine & Country, who said: “Seal Point is a one-of-a-kind, contemporary family home in a stunning architect-designed floating superstructure with far-reaching views of the home’s coastal location.”

The sale of the property is being handled by Fine & Country, which described Seal Point as a “one-of-a-kind modern family home”.

Self-builder Jeff had budgeted £700,000 to build the quirky home on the Essex coast.

A homebuilder, Jeff moved directly into the home for 2 years while he managed the development of the property.

He needed to promote his luxury villa in Spain – where he lived for 20 years – to help fund the £700,000 mission.

Viewers were not surprised by the result, with host Kevin McCloud even admitting that the interior, which combines a blue carpet and an orange sofa, was not “fashionable”.

‘Terrible house, terrible decor. One of the worst houses I’ve ever seen,” one viewer wrote.

The metal superstructure rests on concrete piles that were drilled to a depth of 14 meters and the subsoil is made of poured waterproof concrete

In an episode of Grand Designs, host Kevin commented on how difficult it was to build the house, saying: “The most important part of Geoff’s solo project will undoubtedly be underground. Here, 30 heavy concrete steel piles are being drilled to a depth of 14 meters.

“These stakes will be the key to anchoring this house in the ground.

“The piles are connected to an industrial steel strength frame consisting of 560 steel beams that form one huge cantilever. The task of the frame is to transfer the load of the building to the soil.’

He continues: “The first floor will be cast in waterproof concrete and will include a utility room and garage.

Upstairs, all external walls and partitions will be made of wood – wrapping between and around steel.

“On this floor, the open-plan living room and kitchen lead to a large balcony through floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the estuary.”

There is a large 260 degree terrace that connects the different rooms of the house

Kevin went on to say that each of the three bedrooms will have a view and an en-suite bathroom, while the eye-catching ridged roof finished in solar-powered tiles would help ensure a very unusual island home.

He added: “If the local flood defenses are breached, the plaster wall will keep Jeff’s garden dry, but if the water continues to rise, his electricity and drainage will be protected and the living spaces will continue to function.”

Kevin added that Jeff’s interior design choices have obviously been off the mark, knowing that the only person he has to please is himself.

“There are two more guest bedrooms, each with stunning views, and there’s even room for a study.

“Look, this is the honorable Jeff,” Kevin mentioned. “A beautiful green carpet that matches the landscape outside.”

He added: “This house doesn’t seem like a house with furniture – it’s not boring and it’s not grey.

“It’s not in fashion, but it’s Jeff’s autobiography. It’s all that means anything to him, and it’s humiliating.

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