In 48 hours, The Sorare For Adult Content raises nearly $1,000,000 DOLZ in NFT auctions

CRYPTO–’s first trading card auction kicked off with a bang, featuring popular cosplayer Sia Siberia, who has over 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Due to the huge buying pressure generated by the DOLZ token auction, its value increased by +35 percentage points in just two days.

In this very first auction, only 300 trading cards were put up for sale. At the time of the auction, one thousand one hundred dollars equaled over eighty thousand DOLZ dollars, so each of the three legendaries sold for that amount.

Moreover, the daily trading volume of the token increased fivefold, indicating a significant level of interest from buyers. The development of the project will receive funding from a predetermined portion of these tokens. Another portion will be deposited in a community vault that will belong to $DOLZ token holders. These holders will have the option of burning the tokens or redistributing some of them to other members of the community.

There is currently an online auction for Trading Cards at This auction will include the well-known model Freya Mayer. “Seasons” consisting of 12 cards each are used to organize the auctions. Collectors who have all 12 cards in their collection will be entitled to special benefits, which will be revealed in the near future. Over seventy trading cards have already been printed and are currently being prepared for auction. is committed to helping its 450,000 customers learn more about Web3 technology as part of its ongoing projects. In addition to this, intends to create staking and liquidity-providing pools on Ethereum and Polygon, in addition to one or more highly anticipated listings of its $DOLZ token on centralized exchanges (CEX) .

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