I’m a meth addicted mom. My child was born shaking and affected by ice cream withdrawal – that’s why I couldn’t cease

A lady who used medication throughout her eight pregnancies has spoken out about what it’s wish to be within the grip of an dependancy to methamphetamine and the devastating results on infants.

Although she’s now clear after 19 years of battling substance abuse, Terrianne, 32, nonetheless used ice within the first three months of her final being pregnant earlier than getting assist.

“It was hard, like I feel lucky now that it wasn’t(using drugs)all the way through like the other(pregnancies)in the past,” she shared The four corners of ABC.

“In one of my kids, they withdrew (from ice cream) and it was because I used it all through pregnancy.”

Terrianne stated she “couldn’t stop (using meth). I was still in that heavy addiction,’ and with that baby ‘There were jitters, the body would always want to shake, very hard to settle down.’

A woman who has used drugs during her eight pregnancies has spoken out about what it’s like to be in the grips of a methamphetamine addiction and how it affects a baby. Stock image of meth smoking

This is normal for the thousands of babies born in Australia to mothers who consumed ice late in their pregnancy, with painful withdrawal symptoms leading to feeding difficulties.

“They can have real problems with their jaw coordination, which means they can’t suck the bottle or the breast,” stated midwife Elvira Earthstar of the Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service at Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital.

“These babies may also present with tremors or jitters. So just a very pronounced vibration in their hands.’

The difficulty in feeding can then lead to further developmental problems.

“If we don’t take action to really get the right amount of milk into them, they could start missing some … milestones,” Ms. Earthstar stated.

Terrianne stated that whereas she beforehand blamed herself for utilizing medication whereas pregnant, she now understands that she can also be a sufferer.

‘It’s not likely my fault. Something occurred to me after I was a 13 yr outdated child that made my dependancy begin from the age of 13. That’s all I actually knew. It was only a repetitive cycle.’

She defined why using medication typically trumped the protection of the child rising inside her.

‘It was difficult. I have tried many times to quit but I think the more you take the longer you take it the addiction just stays there. Addiction is a very vicious cycle,” she said.

Alysha, 24, is another woman who finds it hard to reconcile why she took drugs during her pregnancy.

“I never wanted to be a pregnant drug user,” she said. “I had no intention of getting pregnant, so I was already using when I got pregnant.”

Like Terrianne, there are deep-seated reasons why Alysha started taking drugs in the first place.

“A lot of things happened in the last three years that I’ve tried to neglect, so I simply used (medication). I used to be simply surviving,” she stated.

“But I thought, how am I going to live with myself when I have this baby and know I used when I was pregnant…

“I feel like I’m on drugs when I’m pregnant, that’s the lowest I could have ever reached. It’s the one thing I said I’d never, never, never, never do and I did.’

For many years, Alysha found it very difficult to get the help she needed.

“There have been times in my life where I’ve been lying in hospitals and begging for help and crying and they just looked at me like you’re a worthless junkie,” she stated.

Although she is now clear after 19 years of drug dependancy, Terrianne (pictured with child Lockie) nonetheless used ice within the first three months of her final being pregnant earlier than getting assist

“There’s so much shame and guilt that just puts people off reaching out and saying, ‘Hey, I’m pregnant and I need help.’”

During her being pregnant, she lastly received assist at Bridgehaven, a women-only rehabilitation program run by the Salvation Army in Melbourne, the place Terrianne additionally stayed.

Alysha stated she didn’t use ice via throughout her being pregnant, however had used hashish.

“If you’re going through a trauma and an addiction at the same time, it’s embarrassing to seek help as a pregnant person who uses drugs,” she stated.

“But if I can do it and get better and be a good person to me and my child, maybe I can help someone else.”

But she is conscious that her drug use within the early levels of her being pregnant may have an effect on her daughter’s growth. “I’ll have to live with that,” she stated.

The Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service at Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital (pictured) helps ladies who’re pregnant whereas hooked on medication or alcohol

“But this girl seems to be very strong and she’s made it this far and I feel like she’ll make it to the end and we’ll be fine. We’re in the right place.’

Terrianne also feels she’s in the right place – she’s left Bridgehaven with a healthy baby Lockie and now has her own place.

‘I never thought I would make it. Never thought I would get rid of my addiction. Never thought I would hold this beautiful child in my arms,” ​​she stated.

“I hate to use the word perfect, but he’s pretty perfect.”

National hotline for alcohol and other drugs 1800 250 015

Family Drug Support Australia 1300 368 186

Medication Support and Recovery Service 1800 931 101

Lifeline 13 11 14

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