Iconic Melbourne Docklands ATET floating rave in Yarra axed: DJs outraged

Australia’s top DJs are backing a popular European-style floating nightclub after Melbourne City Council dismissed a local resident’s noise complaint.

The 570sq m barge, which is home to Docklands’ ATET nightclub, has had its Crown land permit terminated by the council just eight months after it opened.

The site’s owner, Jake Hughes, who spent $2 million to outfit the ship, received a termination letter from the board’s executive director, Alison Leighton, via email on Friday and was told to stop working until Thursday.

Local guests and many movie star DJs along with Sunshine Dj and Blondie Official have lent their support an online petition called #SaveATET.

The petition has so far garnered 4,724 signatures, with supporters calling the council’s resolution a “disgrace”.

The venue had quickly turned into a favorite place for music lovers and oozed the atmosphere of Europe Day events

Atet Nightclub said the City of Melbourne revoked their land permit on Friday, forcing the open-air venue to close its doors.

Hughes says he has worked diligently with the council over the past three years to ensure compliance with the venue for his $2 million day club.

“Just 24 hours before the announcement, we submitted a detailed proposal to the council in which we responded positively to each of the council’s concerns, including compliance with EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) noise regulations.” he posted in a night club official Instagram account.

“We have always taken all necessary steps to fully comply with EPA regulations and have followed all municipal guidance in this regard.”

“We feel an incredible sense of injustice, not only because of the result, but also because of the process that we went through.”

The venue was controversially acquired in November last 12 months after it won a noise complaint from Docklands residents.

Last month, the board voted to withhold the membership’s construction permit after an EPA investigation found the venue had consistently exceeded acceptable noise ranges.

The distinctive location opened its doors just eight months ago and has now been forced to close

Residents of nearby apartment complexes filed complaints about the noise, but owner Jake Hughes said the concerns were allayed over the following months.

A floating nightclub has closed less than 12 months after it faced controversy and survived an arson attack

ATET has been working on background noise ranges for the past month and is open Friday through Sunday, closing at 1am.

“We have been working with a sound limiter which limits the volume to a level approved and approved by the Council after being reviewed by their own independent acoustics consultant,” Hughes mentioned.

“The board has consistently led us to believe that we are fully responsible, and this has been reaffirmed publicly.”

The site had previously received assistance from the City of Melbourne and Development Victoria, with Melbourne Mayor Sally Cape championing the site at numerous events.

“It brings life and energy to the area and is really indicative of what’s to come for this part of the Docklands in the coming years,” she told Nine News at our August 2022 launch.

The closure is the latest blow to the company after it was hit by an unprovoked arson attack in January.

The suspected fireplace partially broke the vessel and quickly closed it, reopening it less than two weeks later.

The City of Melbourne has been contacted for comment

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