I was pronounced dead for three minutes – this is what I saw

She was lucky to survive this medical tragedy.

A Wisconsin woman says she died of heat stroke to be resuscitated three minutes after her heart stopped beating.

Jade – who did not disclose her surname – took to TikTok to share details of her amazing experience, saying “everything went black”.

The content creator claims the episode happened in the summer of 2011 as she battled “unbearable” humidity in her hometown of Green Bay.

“It all must have happened in a few moments, but it felt a lot longer and this deep feeling of total illness hit me like a ton of bricks,” the 36-year-old told Jam Press after her death. TikTok video has gone viral.

“My head felt like it was swelling, but my whole body felt like it was shrinking,” she continued, claiming that she collapsed on a friend’s couch. “Then everything went black and that’s when I knew I was going to die.”

Friends quickly called an ambulance and Jade was rushed to a local hospital where she was resuscitated via a defibrillator.

Doctors said her heart stopped beating for three minutes before she was miraculously brought back to life.

Jade suffers from Wolff-Parkinson-White and postural tachycardia syndrome, both of which cause abnormalities with an increased heart rate. Often she feels like she is going to “throw up” her heart and may experience severe shaking and fainting.

She believes the sweltering summer weather made her conditions worse, eventually leading to the fatal heatstroke.

While Jade only saw “darkness” during her three minutes of death, she says she has since experienced “strange anomalies” that make her believe in life after death.

Since the 2011 episode, Jade says regular watches stop working as soon as she puts them on. She also claims that vapers turn off even with a full battery.

“I’ve also had a lot of other scary things like hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t there,” the content creator continued. “Sometimes it was whispers or dark, hazy silhouettes and I started recording my home because I was petrified to lose it. But (ultimately) I believe it tells me that life goes on. after death.

Thus, the 2011 experience made Jade less afraid of her eventual death.

“I had experienced an extreme fear of dying before this incident, but when it actually happened, I had no fear whatsoever,” she explained. “I don’t live in fear of death and I know that when the time comes, all fear will fade away as before.”

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that what they say is absolutely true – fear itself is always worse than what we actually fear.”

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