I walked into a small border row with my neighbor so he took the most ridiculous revenge and sawed my garage in HALF

AN OWNER has decided to settle a small dispute with his neighbor by sawing his garage in half.

Gabriel Brawn went to work with a truck-mounted claw crane after claiming the outhouse was partly on his land.

The construction worker had two land surveyors determine that it was partly on land that belonged to his property, according to Bangor Daily News.

The TikTok Neighborhood Disputes account reposted the May 2020 line three years later — on May 22.

The video received hundreds of comments from people praising Gabriel for the clean and neat garage cut, despite calling it a small gesture.

One wrote: ‘I can almost guarantee he didn’t start this neighbor war but he hit a checkmate ripping a garage in half. It’s awesome.”

“While this reduction work was extremely impressive, it was also extremely mean-spirited. Just sell them the land for way more than the market,” another commented.

A third user recounted Gabriel’s situation as he did the same thing.

“I had to do the same thing in Nebraska, I had to do it and it’s totally legal. Well done mate,” he said.

Gabriel lives in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine with his wife, Tracy Brawn.

Tracy told the media that she and her family have had a contentious relationship with their neighbors since moving back to Gabriel’s childhood home in 2012.

Decades ago, the Grove Street property included the land where the offending garage stood, but it now belongs to neighboring land.

The two houses coexisted peacefully until the previous owner of the newer property, Steve Ritter, died in 2016.

The Brawns attempted to purchase the land from Ritter’s wife, Theresa Laythe-Ritter, who took over management of the property after her husband’s death.

“When the dad (Steve Ritter) was alive, it was a perfect place to live,” Tracy said according to Bangor Daily News.

“As soon as that poor man died, this place turned into madness and chaos.”

Tensions escalated before culminating in the garage sawing incident.

The Brawns had hired a land surveyor, who determined that the property line ran through the center of the garage.

The Ritters then moved on soon after.

Their youngest son returned to ask the Brawns to retrieve his father’s ashes from the garage.

“We said, please do it. We want our property back because we’ve been paying taxes on it for years,” Tracy said.

“But he went over there and started throwing trash everywhere and breaking glass and taking desks and throwing them outside in the yard.”

The next day, Gabriel returned with a Sawzall, a type of chainsaw.

“We are putting up a fence. Fences make good neighbors,” Tracy continued.

“That’s what we learned from that.”

Georgia neighbor Donna also had to take matters into her own hands, as she took a savage revenge on the couple next door who complained about her fence.

Although she had no choice but to obey county rule, the shrewd woman cited another rule that allowed her to paint the fence facing their house in contrasting neon colors.


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