I am a gypsy and I would never marry a settled man – I could not be bothered by all the troubles

A woman from a gypsy group defined on social networks why she would never meet a non-traveler, in some other case she would be referred to as a “country man”.

29-yr-previous Charlotte Ann, who lives primarily in Peterborough, makes TikTok movies, condemning misconceptions about gypsy traditions.

Previous movies she has revealed cowl ‘What’s Gypsy and Traveler Dating Like?’ and “What is the difference between Gypsies and Travelers?”

In this video Charlotte answered the question whether or not or not she would ever marry somebody outdoors of her custom was in response to a remark from a follower who requested: “Would you marry a man you know?”

At first, she joked, “I don’t know if it’s a marriage proposal or just a simple question, I don’t know who it is right now, but we’ll answer it because I’ve been asked a few times before.” ‘

Then she answered the query and mentioned, “No. That’s the quick reply. The quick reply isn’t any.

“I’ll make clear earlier than Karen will get into the commentary field and says, ‘Well, you are speaking about equality, you are speaking about oppression.’ But you say that you’ll not marry a peasant. Yes, and I’ll inform you why.

‘I am conventional. Am I 100% Traditional? No. I’ve been dwelling alone for 29 years, so no, I’m not 100% conventional, however nobody is 100% conventional anymore as a result of it is 2023.

She continued: “I desire to marry my circle of relatives, be it Gypsy or Traveller. I’m half Gypsy, half Traveller, so in my tradition I would marry one or the different.

The 29-yr-previous added: “Nobody realizes how different your culture is from mine and I just can’t fathom how complicated it is.”

Charlotte mentioned she believed marriage and life have been “hard enough if they weren’t so different” and described holidaymakers and non-travellers as being in “two different worlds”.

The 29-yr-previous added: “Nobody realizes how different your culture is from mine and I just can’t fathom how complicated it is.”

For instance, she used the concept of ​​pocket cash, saying that in her custom you “don’t do pocket money,” so she’s not positive what she would do if she married a “squatter” and their kids demanded it.

She continued: “There are so many issues which can be totally different and I simply could not take care of it. I do not need to have to clarify who I am to the individual I’m going to marry.

“I know the touring man would not know me 100%, however they would not less than know me in a method.

“There’s no explaining who you might be on a first date. I need not inform him the fundamentals as a result of he ought to know as a result of he is a traveler too.

She completed her ideas and ended the video by saying, “So no, I don’t care about any of that and it’s not me.”

“I assume the finest video games are video games the place individuals begin as equals.

“I don’t want to teach them my manners, I’m not Pocahontas, you’re not Captain John, I just don’t have the time or energy.”

Charlotte Ann makes TikTok movies the place she addresses misconceptions about gypsies and points associated to her custom

Many reviewers shared their very own tales and agreed with Charlotte’s reasoning.

One individual wrote: “I agree 100% if you’re not the same then it’s probably rough,” whereas one other added: “I assume it is good to have an identical traditions. it would not create obstacles between them.

Another added: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be with someone who understands and shares your culture.”

Commenters have been constructive in saying that nobody ought to be asking about Charlotte’s non-public different

Not everybody appears to be on the identical web page, although one individual wrote: “I’m a traveler married to a country man and there’s no difference,” to which Charlotte replied: “That’s a flat out lie.”

Another be aware: “I like the way you act, may I ask what if a peasant likes to take over your culture 100%?”

“I have a buddy (nation man) who fell in love with a native good gypsy lady and adopted her and her household’s lifestyle, now they’re married and have kids. The cutest couple there’s.

Charlotte responded by explaining that she thinks it is “selfish” and that somebody “shouldn’t have to change who they are” to be favored.

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