How to reduce Instagram stories size after new update

How to make Instagram stories smaller after new update: Instagram’s recent update has left users with bigger stories, leaving many wondering if there’s a way to bring the size back to a smaller, more manageable size. .

In early May, people started noticing the enlarged appearance of stories. However, the update has now rolled out to millions more accounts in June.

Story icons that once took up a modest amount of space at the top of Instagram’s homepage have now grown larger, allowing only three to fit on the screen at a time.

This change in appearance has drawn the ire of users who find the new icons unattractive. But is there a way to make them smaller again? Let’s find out.

How to reduce Instagram stories size after new update

Can you reduce the size of Instagram stories? Unfortunately, there is currently no option to shrink story bubbles to their original size. For now, you’re stuck with the larger icons.

Instagram hasn’t directly addressed this particular change. The platform frequently changes the look of the app without explicitly notifying its users. Changes in colors, fonts, and sizes are quite common, and Instagram doesn’t offer individual customization options for the app’s visual layout.

Maybe in the future, Instagram might introduce the ability to customize the look of the app, but for now, everyone’s Instagram looks alike, and there’s no way to circumvent that.

Instagram users react negatively to enlarged stories Dissatisfaction with the new enlarged stories icons has sparked conversations on Twitter, with users expressing strong disapproval.

One user wrote, “Why do Instagram Stories look so big? Instagram, get rid of it ASAP.

“Can someone tell me why Instagram stories are now so big? Looks like my grandma took over the settings,” another frustrated user shared.

A third person chimed in, saying, “There’s no reason Instagram Stories circles have to be this big.”

“Why are the Instagram Stories circles so big? It’s irritating,” someone else echoed on Twitter.

Another disgruntled user exclaimed, “Why are Instagram stories so big? I hate that. I want to recover the old version.

Along the same lines, you might also be wondering why you can no longer share feed posts to your Instagram story. Don’t worry, the button has just moved!


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