How to Overcome Mother’s Judgment in Diablo 4 (Steps)

How to beat Mother Judgment in Diablo 4: Hey there, young adventurers! Do you play Diablo 4 and try to defeat tough enemies and bosses? Well, one boss you’ll encounter is called Mother’s Judgment. She is a formidable opponent with powerful lightning attacks. But don’t be afraid! With a little strategy and observation, you can beat her. Let’s learn how!

Understand the judgment of the mother

In Diablo 4, bosses like Mother’s Judgment have special abilities that make them difficult. Mother’s Judgment uses lightning strikes to attack you. To beat her, you have to be quick and smart.

Watch out for close combat

When you approach Mother’s Judgment, she will fire powerful red lightning bolts at you. But before she does, she marks where you are standing with a red circle. So, be careful when fighting her up close and watch out for this attack.

Move in a circular path

To dodge Mother’s Judgment’s thunderbolts, try moving in a circle around her. This way you can avoid getting hit and stay safe while attacking it.

Aggressive attacks in close combat

When engaged in close combat with Mother’s Judgment, don’t hold back! Unleash your strongest attacks to defeat her. But always be aware of his thunderbolts and move to avoid them.

Beware of small yellow projectiles

While Mother’s Judgment uses her powerful thunderbolts, she will also fire smaller yellow projectiles at you. These won’t cause as much harm, but it’s also important to dodge them. Focus on evading those small attacks while dealing with his lightning strikes.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Keep trying and learning from each encounter with Mother’s Judgment. Soon you will be able to defeat her and continue your exciting adventure in Diablo 4.

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