How to Make Mean Bouillabaisse at Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Wicked Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley: If you play Disney Dreamlight Valley and explore the magical world of Dreamlight Valley, there is a quest called “Forgotten Memories: Friendship” which involves making a dish called Wicked Bouillabaisse.

This dish is part of your adventure to uncover the secrets of The Forgetting and help the characters in the game.

How to Make Mean Bouillabaisse at Disney Dreamlight Valley

To make the ugly bouillabaisse, you will need five ingredients. These ingredients are:

  • Rotten Clam x2
  • rotten tomato
  • rotten carrot
  • Exquisite prawns

Once you have all five items, head to the campfire near Goofy. Use the campfire to cook the dish by combining the ingredients. After cooking the ugly bouillabaisse, give it to Goofy, and he’ll tell you how it went.

Now, if you’re wondering where to find these ingredients, don’t worry! In a previous quest, you should have collected two rotten clams, a carrot, and a tomato. These items can be thrown into the pot to make the dish. However, you also need an Exquisite Shrimp, which Goofy gave you earlier.

If you’re having trouble finding the ingredients, you can check out a guide on where to find Rotten Items. It will help you locate the items you need to complete the quest.

Once you have all the spoiled food and are ready to cook the bouillabaisse, you can find them in your cooking ingredients menu or by clicking on the quest icon under the infinity symbol. Simply drag the ingredients into the pot to create the ugly bouillabaisse.

Have fun on your adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley and have fun making the ugly bouillabaisse during the Forgotten Memories: Friendship quest!

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