How To Find Widows Court Statue In Remnant 2?

How To Find Widows Court Statue In Remnant 2? Are you ready to delve into the mysterious world of Remnant 2 and discover the hidden secrets of the Widows Court Statue? In this guide, we’ll explore step-by-step how to locate and unlock this enigmatic monument, along with tips on collecting precious rewards and items. So, gear up and let’s embark on this thrilling journey!

The Widows Court Statue is a captivating landmark in the world of Remnant 2, situated within the sprawling landscape of Losomn. This unique monument showcases the majestic figures of Red Doe and Ravager, two iconic characters from the game’s lore.

Before we can reach out to the Widows Court Statue, we need to complete several quests and extract four precious items. These rewards are well worth the effort, as they hold the key to unlocking the secrets hidden within the statue.

How to Find the Widows Court Statue Step By Step

To find the Widows Court Statue in Remnant 2, explore Yaesha’s Widows Court area, retrieve the Ornate Key and Tarnished Key, unlock the Red Door, and locate the Thaen Seed.

Step 1: Enter the Widows Court Location in Yaesha

Our journey begins by venturing into the beautiful but treacherous region known as the Widows Court. It is located in the mysterious land of Yaesha, teeming with dangers and wonders alike.

Step 2: Seek Out the Ornate Key

As we traverse through the Widows Court, we must search for a deceased character named Pan and retrieve the Ornate Key from his lifeless body. This key will be essential for unlocking the path ahead.

Step 3: Discover the Tarnished Key

Next, we need to locate the nearest waterfall and extract the Tarnished Key. This key is another crucial element that will aid us in our quest to unlock the secrets of the Widows Court Statue.

Step 4: Unlock the Red Door

With the Tarnished Key in hand, we can now use it to unlock the mysterious Red Door, which guards the way to the statue.

Step 5: Obtain the Matriarch’s Insignia

Upon entering the Red Door, we will need to run down a platform and search for the Matriarch’s Insignia. This significant item will help us progress further towards the Widows Court Statue.

Step 6: Find the Thaen Seed

Using an elevator located near a false wall, we’ll journey deeper into the hidden chambers of the Widows Court. There, we’ll stumble upon the Ornate Lockbox, which contains the precious Thaen Seed.

Step 7: Behind the Gate – The Widows Court Statue

Behind a massive gate lies the awe-inspiring Widows Court Statue, guarded by the power of the Thaen Seed. Now that we have gathered the necessary items, we can finally unlock the statue.

Step 8: Unleashing the Secrets

After using the four precious items, the Widows Court Statue will reveal its wonders. Players with a Red Doe Sigil will embark on a mysterious journey, leading to the extraction of the Rotten Thaen Fruit and Ghost Mutator.


The Widows Court Statue in Remnant 2 holds an air of mystery and adventure that beckons players to explore its secrets. By following this comprehensive guide, you can now embark on a thrilling quest to locate and unlock this remarkable monument. So, gather your courage, arm yourself with knowledge, and take your adventure in Remnant 2 to new heights!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the Widows Court Statue in Remnant 2? The Widows Court Statue is a captivating monument featuring Red Doe and Ravager, located in the Widows Court Area of Remnant 2.
  2. What rewards can I get from the Widows Court Statue? Players can unlock various precious rewards after eliminating the Bosses in the Widows Court, making the journey to the statue well worth the effort.
  3. What happens if I equip the Red Doe Sigil in front of the statue? Equipping the Red Doe Sigil amulet in front of the Widows Court Statue triggers a mysterious animation and leads to the extraction of the Rotten Thaen Fruit and Ghost Mutator.
  4. Is there another statue like this in Remnant 2? Yes, players may find another statue similar to the Widows Court Statue at the beginning, which offers rewards when equipping the Ravager’s Seal in front of it.

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