How to do TikTok’s Moon Phase Soulmate Test and make the video


TikTok’s new Moon Phase Soulmate Test is drawing in people all through the globe who want to uncover out if their companion is their one actual love.

In 2023, people on TikTok are obsessive about quizzes and assessments which inform you additional about your persona and relationships.

Just last week, the Loveprint Test went viral, and the Love Character Test was an precise hit on social media in January too.

However, the most up-to-date one requires considerably additional work than merely answering a few questions. Read on to study the method to do it…

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What is the Moon Phase Soulmate Test?

The viral check out tells you whether or not or not you and your companion are soulmates using a picture of the moon on the day you had been born.

You uncover a precise picture of every moons and edit them collectively to see what type it makes. If it’s a full moon, you’re meant to be collectively.

However, in case your moon phases don’t match collectively, that means you’re not soulmates in accordance with the viral TikTok growth.

The check out doesn’t have any scientific background and is simply a bit little bit of pleasurable, nonetheless many think about positive moon phases are additional acceptable.


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How to do TikTok’s Moon Phase Soulmate Test

If you want to be a part of inside the viral growth, proper right here’s what it’s advisable do:

  1. Head to the moon part web page.
  2. Click on the calendar inside the bottom nook and uncover your birthday.
  3. Screenshot the moon part picture above the calendar.
  4. Now do the equivalent in your companion and screenshot the image.
  5. Use {a photograph} editor to merge the 2 photos collectively.
  6. If they create a great full moon, you’re soulmates.

The growth comes as March’s full Worm Moon is coming, which many think about has sturdy vitality and will be good for manifestation.

Make a Moon Phase video with CapCut

If you want to take the growth one step further, it’s also possible to make a video of the 2 moons aligning on a platform often called CapCut.

All it’s a should to do is receive the free enhancing software program program on the App Store after which uncover a TikTok video that has used the template, like this one.

Above their username, it ought to say “CapCut – Try this template”. Click on that and additionally you’ll be redirected to the enhancing app.

Press ‘Use template” and select the 2 moon photos. Then, save the video to your digicam roll and add it to TikTok if you would like.

How to do TikTok’s Moon Phase Soulmate Test and make the video.For More Article Visit Esajaelina