How tall is CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz: Biography,Net Worth & more

Who is Shimon Prokupecz?

Shimon Prokupecz is an American journalist who works as CNN’s senior crime and justice correspondent. He covers law enforcement and breaking national news stories including the shootings at the Texas’ Robb Elementary School and the Kentucky’s Louisville Bank. He left Russia as a young child and was born on February 4, 19781. Prior to working for CNN in 2013, he completed his studies at Hunter College and held positions as a producer and paralegal. He is fluent in Russian.

What is Shimon Prokupecz’s age, height and weight?

As of May 2023, Shimon will be 45 years old. His birthday is February 4, 1978. He stands 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm) and weighs 160 lbs (73 kg). There is no information on his physical attributes.

What is Shimon Prokupecz’s net worth?

Shimon’s net worth is thought to be roughly $2 million, based on the search results. His prosperous career as a journalist and CNN correspondent has allowed him to amass his money. He has received recognition for his reporting on crime and justice stories. He has also worked for various media companies as a producer, assignment editor, and paralegal. His annual compensation is said to range from $65,000 to $145.

What is Shimon Prokupecz’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Shimon is an American citizen. He is an American who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. He is of mixed ethnicity. Due to his childhood immigration from Russia, he has ties to the country. Due to his ethnicity, he is also connected to Latin or Hispanic America.

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What is Shimon Prokupecz’s profession?

A journalist by trade, Prokupecz is a crime and justice reporter for CNN. He covers law enforcement and breaking national news stories like the shootings at the Kentucky bank and the Robb Elementary School in Texas. He is fluent in Russian.

Who is Shimon Prokupecz married to?

He has never been romantically involved with anyone and has never been married. However, he has not verified that he is married to Deneitra Ham, as some outlets have claimed. On his social media platforms, he frequently posts images of his female acquaintances, including Sara Murray and Katy.

Does Shimon Prokupecz have children?

There’s no public record that indicates that Shimon Prokupecz has children or not.


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