How hot will the Oklahoma summer get this year? AccuWeather releases 2024 summer forecast

While Oklahomans are presently being drenched with spring storms, the heat of the summer is coming.

Summer begins on June 1 or June 20, relying on whether or not you ask a meteorologist or an astronomer, however both manner AccuWeather is predicting a hot summer for most of the contiguous United States.

Here’s what it’s best to find out about how Oklahoma temperatures will fare this summer.

2024 Oklahoma Summer forecast: Above common temperatures anticipated

AccuWeather is predicting above average temperatures for much of the United States this summer.AccuWeather is predicting above average temperatures for much of the United States this summer.

AccuWeather is predicting above common temperatures for a lot of the United States this summer.

According to AccuWeather, a lot of Oklahoma can count on to see temperatures two to 3 levels greater than historic averages.

Southeast Oklahoma could not see as excessive of a departure from common temperatures.

But the Oklahoma panhandle may see a few of the hottest temperatures, particularly in the case of August and showers and thunderstorms will probably present a break from the warmth in June and July.

2024 US Summer forecast: What states will see the most warmth?

The areas anticipated to see the highest temperature departures from historic averages embody over the Great Lakes, the Upper Midwest and the southwest Plains.

Northeast cities like New York and Boston may see twice to 3 or 4 instances as many 90-degree days this summer as in comparison with 2023.

“Energy demand is expected to be higher compared to average,” AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok stated. “Air conditioners and other cooling devices will be in high demand.”

Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms will assist curb the warmth in Gulf Coast states after a dry 2023 boosted temperatures and left drought to increase.

This article initially appeared on Oklahoman: AccuWeather 2024 summer forecast: How hot will Oklahoma be this summer

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