How does Sting stay in such incredible shape at age 71

Aging gracefully in the public eye is no small feat, yet with every breath and every step Sting takes, he continues to defy his years.

The 71-year-old Police frontman confirmed his match body when he took to the stage in Scarborough on the final weekend of his world tour, leaving many followers to question what the singer does to stay in shape.

Dressed in a good gray t-shirt that exposed his wrists, toned abs and white jeans, the silver-haired Roxanne singer looked as confident as ever, with barely a trace of crow around his icy blue eyes.

This Englishman depends on a spread of reliable strategies to stay out of view of time, as well as a low-sugar macrobiotic weight loss plan and yoga to keep his physique in the shade.

Here Femail takes a look at all the things the singer does to keep the magic alive in the 70s.

Sting confirmed his muscular physique when he took to the stage in Scarborough as part of his world tour.

Macrobiotic Weight Loss Plan

Sting credits his great shape to his macrobiotic weight loss plan, which consists of lots of greens and grains and focuses on avoiding toxins and processed meals that contain preservatives.

The weight loss plan also involves a low intake of meat, dairy and sugar.

Sting and his wife, Trudy Styler, moved their household to Lake House Farm in Wiltshire in 1991, where they adopted a weight loss plan for a living and have been growing natural greens ever since.

The singer’s household includes a flock of free-range chickens, a personal trout lake and even beehives for honey.

In her 1999 e-book, The Lake House Cookbook, Styler wrote, “I decided that I would only be satisfied if I knew exactly what we were putting on the plate.”

She additionally revealed that the pair take pleasure in a mindful approach to meals, and imagines that the best way we “treat our bodies is an extension of how we treat the planet.”

The singer is so committed to his weight loss plan that he has a personal private chef with him to maintain it while he’s away from home.

There seems to be a lot of talk over the years about ignoring a star’s age. Sting revealed that he practices yoga and swims every day (pictured in Hawaii in 2011)

This dedication to a nutritious diet does not prevent the “Message in a Bottle” singer from enjoying a drink or two and sometimes ice cream.

In 2003, he informed Defender: ‘I drink alcohol. I don’t smoke anything allowed. I drink espresso. I like chocolate and ice cream. But in any other case, I am very healthy.


Sting is credited with a love for yoga, which he has been practicing for more than three years.

He admitted in an interview with his yoga teacher when he was 43 that he got into yoga late in life, between the ages of 38 and 39.

According to a transcript of the interview shared White’s White Lotus retreat website, the singer revealed that he had tried various health regimens earlier than attempting yoga.

“I’ve gone through several fitness regimes, you know. I ran about five miles a day and did aerobics for a while.

“I’ve always been fit because I’m an artist and all these things help me perform.

The Roxana singer started practicing yoga in her 30s and has been doing it for over 30 years (pictured in 2003)

New Sting in 1987. The singer has just aged a day and credits yoga and discipline for his looks.

“But it wasn’t until I met Danny Paradise, who became my mentor in yoga, that I began a practice that I believe will be my whole life,” he added.

When he turned 60, he informed Energy Times, “I’m performing on stage pretty much the way I did when I was in my twenties or teens, and I’m doing it just as effectively.

“Two decades of yoga has given me two additional decades in this career. I couldn’t have done it if I wasn’t in shape,” he added.

The singer is dedicated to watching and is said to practice yoga even when he is on tour.

In 2021, while on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show, he joked that his beauty was down to ‘vanity and a little discipline’, earlier than that: ‘I’ve been doing yoga for 30 years. But after a while everything becomes yoga.’

Besides yoga, the singer also revealed that he “swims every day, I like to walk and I sing.”

In 2021, Sting gave followers a glimpse into his daily routine and revealed the key to his flat stomach, as well as his train, which TikTok calls “the eternal crisis.”

In 2021, he shared the key to his washboard midsection in a TikTok video, demonstrating his “eternal crisis”.

The Message In A Bottle hitmaker, 70, laid on him again, saying: “Make my stomach nice and hard”, confirming his incredible health.

He encouraged his followers to tackle Sting’s ongoing crisis, writing: “You can do it.”

Tantric act

Sting and Trudy have been together since 1982, and the couple share a passion for a healthy lifestyle.

They are additionally identified to observe tantric connections as soon as they have made a note of seven-hour steamy periods with their accomplice in the nineteen nineties.

In a 2003 Guardian interview, the singer scoffed when asked if he had any advice for people considering trying tantric intercourse themselves. including “no f****** before eight o’clock.”

The singer has been married to producer Trudy Stiller since 1992, and the couple are well-known practitioners of tantric intercourse (pictured in London in May)

However, Sting provided additional details about his tantric connections with his spouse, who he calls his “church,” including that intercourse was simply the floor of a deep and meaningful relationship.

Trudy and Sting, who together have 4 youngsters, were married in 1992.

Observing tantra, he added, is about how you connect with your partner, which can take place in completely different ways throughout the day, from the best way to look at them to a shower or a therapeutic treatment. massage.

In 2014, he further clarified his comments in an interview with Bravo’s Inside The Actor’s Studio.

“The idea of ​​tantric sex is a spiritual act. I do not know a purer and better way to express love for another person than to share this beautiful thing, I call “sacrament”. I would stick with it. Not seven, but still a thought.

He then joked, “Seven hours, including a movie and dinner,” which made the audience laugh.

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