House Speaker Mike Johnson vows to haul in professors, students before Congress to end antisemitism on college campuses

College professors and even students can count on to be hauled in entrance of Congress as a part of House Speaker Mike Johnson’s effort to stamp out antisemitism on campuses.

In an unique interview with The Post, Johnson blasted pupil protests in help of “evil” and stated no stone could be left unturned by his House colleagues.

“I think we need accountability from top to bottom,” Johnson stated. “The idea that some of these professors would be involved in this is outrageous, and I think they need to be called to account and of course the students as well.”

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, in suit and tie, departing the Capitol in Washington after discussing Republican responses to student protests
Speaker Mike Johnson stated he seen the campus protests in phrases of “good and evil.” AP

Up till now college leaders have borne the brunt of House GOP fireplace, most famously Harvard president Claudine Gay and University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill — each of whom resigned amid fallout from their disastrous testimony.

Johnson stated his assembly with Columbia president Minouche Shafik final week left him deeply unimpressed.

He has already referred to as on her to resign.

“I sat down with the president there, Shafik, and told her she had to get control and she said, ‘I’m trying to negotiate with them.’ And that’s not how you handle this. You don’t negotiate with aspiring terrorists,” stated Johnson.

Earlier this week Johnson introduced a full House effort to stamp out the Hamas agitators on campus, holding a press convention together with his strongest committee chairs.

Among different issues, the GOP grandees stated axing federal funding for universities that fail to clear up antisemitism could be on the desk.

On Wednesday the Lousiana Republican shepherded by Congress a broadly bipartisan invoice to develop the definition of antisemitism.

It faces an unsure future in the Senate, the place Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has refused to say whether or not he would convey the invoice to a vote.

Reps for the White House additionally didn’t reply to a number of requests from The Post about whether or not President Biden would signal it.

Student protesters gathering inside their encampment on the Columbia University campus in protest against the war in Gaza, April 29, 2024, New York.
Speaker MIke Johnson Columbia and has referred to as on its president to resign after the campus went by anti-Israel protests. AP

“They are destroying property, they’re waving Hezbollah and Hamas flags, they’re breaking into buildings, they’re chanting ‘Heil Hitler,’” Johnson said, explaining why he was so passionate about the issue. “This is not a gray area.

“The Jewish students we spoke to had been verbally harassed and spit on. They’ve been instructed to ‘Go back to the gas chambers.’”

Johnson reiterated his call for President Biden to send in the National Guard to unruly campuses, recalling President Eisenhower’s 1957 choice to ship federal troops to Little Rock, Ark. to combine colleges there when racist mobs and native leaders refused to accomplish that.

“When schools are violating civil rights laws, and violating federal law, yes, there is an appropriate federal response. We need more Eisenhower and less Biden,” Johnson stated.

The speaker — who, relying on the day, instructions a deadly one seat majority — instructed The Post he’s assured he’ll retain his job regardless of rising requires his removing by a clutch of far-right lawmakers opposed to his help of $60 billion in US help to Ukraine.

The House rebels are led by perennial rabble-rouser Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who referred to as the House vote a “complete betrayal” by Johnson.

Greene filed a movement to vacate in opposition to Johnson — the identical process used to topple former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene surrounded by microphones and cell phones as she speaks to reporters outside the Capitol Building about a government funding bill
Johnson is dealing with a problem to his job from far-right radicals led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Getty Images

“I can tell you that 99% of our conference agrees that this motion to vacate is wrong for our party, wrong for the institution and wrong for the country,” Johnson stated. “It’s a recipe for chaos. And it could happen at a very dangerous time.

“Marjorie enjoys attention. I think that’s pretty clear,” he stated curtly.

Johnson, who as soon as was a Ukraine skeptic and beforehand voted in opposition to new rounds of funding for the nation, famously pivoted on the difficulty — one thing he attributed in half to new intelligence he obtained after changing into Speaker.

speaker johnson
Speaker Johnson was as soon as apprehensive about sending help to Ukraine, till additional intelligence persuade him to change sides on the difficulty. Kevin R. Wexler / / USA TODAY NETWORK

“Our own generals tell us that Ukraine would literally run out of ammo and defenses by the end of April. And so there’s a fateful moment of decision. Do we abandon Ukraine in its time of greatest need?” Johnson stated.

“So we came to this moment of fateful decision — it was Churchill or Chamberlain.”

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