House passes bill to exclude illegal immigrants from census by adding citizenship question

The House of Representatives voted to add a citizenship question to the census and block illegal immigrants from skewing the redistricting and Electoral College apportionment processes.

In a 206 to 202 vote, the decrease chamber handed the Equal Representation Act Wednesday alongside celebration strains, however the measure is anticipated to be useless on arrival within the Senate.

“Including the count of non-US citizens in determining how many congressional seats and electoral votes each state has is skewing the representation of Americans in their federal government,” Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-Ill.) stated in a press release.

Edwards launched the bill again in January and hooked up nicely over 100 co-sponsors.

Underpinning the laws is the truth that each decade, following the census, states revisit their congressional maps and both lose or acquire seats primarily based on inhabitants modifications.

Chuck Edwards
Chuck Edwards is the principle sponsor of the Equal Representation Act. Edwards House

The final decennial apportionment course of largely wrapped up forward of the 2022 midterm election cycle, with a handful of lingering redistricting courtroom battles nonetheless pending.

“The mere presence of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is influencing electoral outcomes, and the Equal Representation Act that the House passed would protect our democracy by making sure that American citizens – and American citizens only – have a say in determining the direction of our country,” Edwards added.

Critics of the bill contended highlighted calls within the Constitution to rely “persons” within the nation and fretted that adding the question to the census may scare off sincere responses.

They additional grumbled that everlasting residents corresponding to Green Card carriers may get roped out of the apportionment course of. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) posited that the established order advantages Republicans.

Border crisis
The US has seen a large inflow of migrants throughout the southern border over latest years. James Breeden for NY Post

“If we were being cynical politically, we would embrace this legislation because it’s the red states like Texas in Florida, whose congressional delegation is already inflated by virtue of counting people who are not citizens,” Raskin stated on the House ground.

“We’re simply trying to follow what the Constitution says, which I know is kind of a radical proposition around here these days.”

Raskin additional claimed that Republicans wanted to amend the Constitution to deal with their considerations concerning the census.

The 14th Amendment states: “Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State.”

Donald Trump
Donald Trump was unable to get the citizenship question on the poll throughout his administration. AFP by way of Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump unsuccessfully sought to tack on a citizenship question to the census again whereas he was nonetheless in workplace.

However, the Supreme Court ultimately scuttled that endeavor again in 2019. Trump’s administration then tried to discover workarounds to gauge the inhabitants of noncitizens.

Cory Mills
Cory Mills argued the measure would safeguard the rights of residents. AFP by way of Getty Images

“Biden’s disastrous and intentional border crisis has resulted in millions of criminal migrants crossing our borders illegally and we must take steps to preserve the integrity of our elections,” Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.), a co-sponsor of the bill, stated in a press release.

“The Equal Representation Act will protect the voices of law-abiding American citizens by ensuring they are properly represented. I am proud to have cosponsored and voted in favor of this bill, it is just one measure of many we must take to ensure election security and our votes are protected.”

The subsequent decennial census is slated to happen in 2030.

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