Homicide suspect found dead in Newton County

CALIFORNIA, USA – Jasper County deputies are reporting that a man who was wanted for murder in Newton County has died. On Wednesday, deputies said they received reports Roderic T. Moss, 48, was found in a vacant home on CR 121 in Clarke County. When authorities arrived at the scene, they reported seeing a man who matched Moss’ description of the suspect.

Investigators said Moss ran into a house and then authorities heard a gunshot coming from inside the house. After securing the residence and distributing gas, a robot entered the interior of the building. Authorities said video taken by the robot showed Moss’s body. Earlier in the week, Jasper County deputies said Moss was involved in a standoff that took place in the county, but they suspected he escaped from property next to the county road 22 near Rose Hill.

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The man suspected of killing five neighbors in Texas and involving various agencies in a four-day manhunt was apprehended by police on Tuesday after a tip led them to a one-storey residence. nearby town where he was found hiding under clothing, officials said. On Friday, violence erupted after neighbors demanded the suspect stop firing his semi-automatic weapon in his yard, as he was keeping their baby awake.

Instead, he reloaded and invaded the Honduran immigrant house next door, where he shot and killed five people, including an eight-year-old, authorities said. Francisco Oropesa, 38, a Mexican national, has been named as a suspect, and immigration officials say he has been deported from the United States four times since 2009. Officials acted on a tip from a source anonymous, according to San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers. , who informed reporters that the source could now collect an award of $80,000. Oropesa was charged with five counts of murder and was placed on $5 million bond, according to Capers. “He is behind bars and he will live his life behind bars for killing these five people,” he added.

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