Hockey Grace Kumar’s parents: where are they from? Wikipedia and age

Grace Kumar’s parents are devastated by the death of their beloved daughter when she was stabbed to death in a brutal attack in Nottingham. Let’s explore his family life.

Grace Kumar was a talented hockey player for the Southgate Hockey team in London. She was a star player who was doing quite well in her career.

Her performance was appreciated by many and Kumar was also considered one of the best players in her team. Likewise, Grace played for Old Loughtonians at Chigwell and England U18s.

Grace’s name has been the talk of the town as she was named as one of the victims who was stabbed to death in a brutal attack in Nottingham.

Hockey Grace Kumar’s parents: where are they from?

Hockey player Grace Kumar was born to her beloved parents, whose names have not been shared with the tabloids. However, many have speculated that they may have originated from India.

Meanwhile, Grace’s family is currently mourning the loss as they lost beloved family member Kumar. People are eager to know more about the family, but from now on they are looking for privacy.

Grace’s father and mother were too upset to speak in their £2million home. reported that Kumar’s father is believed to be Dr Sanjoy Kumar, who rescued gang stabbing victims in Chingford, Essex in 2009.

Apparently, Sanjoy helped move three stabbed teenagers into a makeshift trauma room in his office before 999 Teams arrived.

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Grace Kumar Wikipedia and age explored

Grace Kumar was a skilled hockey player who was 19 at the time of her death. Meanwhile, she was not the only one to lose her life as another boy named Barnaby Webber was also killed.

It is understood that Barney and Grace met through their shared passion for hockey. Both were returning home at 4am on Tuesday when they were murdered minutes from their home.

Furthermore, they were said to have been stabbed to death minutes from the corridors of the Lenton district of the English town, around an hour before a man in his 50s was killed.

All of Grace and Barnaby’s family and friends mourn the loss. For this huge loss, Genius Celebs also extends its deepest condolences to them.

Obituaries and Funeral Services for Grace Kumar

Grace Kumar’s official obituary has not been shared as the murder case is under investigation. A man has already been suspected of having killed, and he remained in custody.

Apart from that, tributes and condolence messages for the devastated family are pouring in on social media platforms.

Likewise, a candlelight vigil was held at St. Peter’s Church downtown and the university canceled its prom. The students’ union also shared a statement about it.

They wrote: ‘We are devastated and shocked by the tragic events that took place last night in the city centre. As the murder case is under investigation, further updates may be coming soon. So you can also visit us for more information.

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