High schooler forced to apologize for praising Jesus in graduation speech in order to get diploma

The Kentucky excessive schooler has been forced to apologize for talking about his religion and praising Jesus at graduation in order to get his diploma after livid faculty directors withheld it.

Micah Price obtained his diploma from Campbell County High School on Wednesday – 5 days after the now-infamous ceremony the place the teenager instructed his friends that Jesus “is the way,” WXIX reported.

Micah Price posing with his high school diploma.
Micah Price lastly obtained his diploma – 5 days after graduation. Micha Price through Fox19

He instructed followers that he was “in the wrong here, technically.”

School officers mentioned that Price would have to defend himself earlier than the varsity board earlier than he obtained his diploma after he deviated from his pre-approved speech.

He had been given permission to reward his “lord and savior Jesus Christ” in the speech, however was instructed to then learn solely to green-lit remarks, Price instructed WXIX.

In a press release to WKRC, district Superintendent Shelli Wilson mentioned that every one the coed audio system had been warned that any ad-libbing on the podium would have penalties.

Footage of Price’s speech and his breakdown of the scenario subsequently went viral, prompting the incoming US Air Force Academy cadet to put up a follow-up video saying the backlash had “gotten a little out of hand.”

“It’s a weird feeling being the talk of the town,” Price mentioned in the TikTok video.

Micah Price.
Micah Price (heart) is becoming a member of the US Air Force. Facebook

“I”m not right here to push a political agenda, I’m not right here to push my agenda,” he insisted. “I’m here to push the kingdom of Christ.”

He inspired those that publicly slammed faculty officers over the difficulty to “please take a chill pill.”

“I am in the wrong, technically, because I went against Campbell County code, the rules,” Price added. “The principals are just doing their job.”

Campbell County High School exterior.
Micah Price graduated from Campbell County High School this week. Google Maps

After lastly getting the diploma in his palms, Price instructed WXIX that he would proceed to preach his Christian beliefs.

“I simply cannot hold back what Christ has done in my life,” Price mentioned. “He’s every thing to me.

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