Heartbreaking domestic revelation from Canberra Raiders NRL star Corey Harawira-Nair after stroke

The horrifying collapse and capture of Canberra Raiders tough man Corey Harawira-Nair not only shocked the footy world but also broke the spirit of his five-year-old son.

Throughout the game between Souths and Canberra on May 28, the Auckland Raiders star sensationally and spectacularly collapsed to the bottom, forcing a 10-minute stoppage as medics rushed to the field to deal with him. .

Aware of the gravity of the second game, players from both sides came together as one to defend Harawira-Naera to give him some privacy as medical consultants rushed onto the pitch.

Canberra coach Ricky Stewart rushed to the sidelines to check on the player’s welfare.

But a month after the incident, although the cute striker appears to be recovering physically, he revealed that his son no longer wants to play sports.

Cory Harawira Naera (pictured) touched the sport simply earlier than fell down, and that might be due to Michael Chee Kam’s arrangement a little wrong.

At the time of the attack, players from each of South Sydney and Canberra formed a protective ring around him as he put down the process therapy.

“Returning the game came to mind when it first happened,” he informed Telegram of the day.

“It was a shock and my family felt the same.

“The part that really spoke to me was my five-year-old son. He saw it on TV and doesn’t want to play football anymore. Luckily he wasn’t in the game.

The exact cause of the seizure is still unknown, as the way he collapsed and his movements during the seizure are consistent with nerve activity, but his blood count suggests it could be cardiac.

Footage of his collapse was seen by all viewers and everyone felt sick and saddened by Harawira-Naera’s health problems.

He has elevated blood enzymes (an indicator of heart problems) which has delayed the testing procedures for a definitive diagnosis.

“Blood tests showed that there was inflammation around the heart as a result of the attack,” the attacker said.

“We’ll just wait for the enzymes to come down and then I’ll see the cardiologist.

“It’s a bit frustrating because it’s been a month this weekend. I’m feeling a lot better but I don’t have an answer.

“Doctors are still trying to rule out several things.”

Rothfield additionally spoke to Kiwi and Canberra Raiders participation doctor Greg McLeod.

“He’s being checked all the time to make sure we don’t notice anything serious,” admitted the doctor.

“Elevated enzyme levels indicate that the heart is under some strain. So we treat it with some caution. We just need to find out what’s causing it.

“When you watch the video, it looks more like something neurological than heart.

“He’s had a seizure but he doesn’t collapse and he has a seizure, which is a normal heart story. He has a seizure and then he collapses.

The Kiwi is happy with his progress and has high hopes of returning to the fold later this season

Dr Macleod hopes to play again this year.

“He’s done a lot of things that were compelling,” he said.

“He’s doing really well.”

The Kiwi-born forward hopes to return to action before the end of the year, but he, doctor and trainer Ricky Stewart, won’t allow that to happen unless he is 100% medically clear.

“Corey’s health is more important than any football game,” said Coach Stewart.

“We will make sure we get the full medical clearance before he even thinks about playing or doing contact training. The signs look encouraging but we have to go through that process.

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