Health of Teofimo Lopez: is the American boxer sick? The controversy explained

American boxer Teofimo Lopez’s health issue is trending on the internet after news of his retirement spread. Find out if he is sick now.

Teofimo Lopez is a professional boxer known for his explosive power and impressive skills.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lopez is of Honduran descent and proudly represents his heritage in the ring.

Before turning professional in 2016, Teofimo Lopez enjoyed a successful amateur career.

With an impressive track record, he amassed 150 wins and just 20 losses, showcasing his exceptional skills in the ring.

As an amateur, he won several prestigious tournaments, including the National Golden Glove Championship and the Olympic Trials.

Health of Teofimo Lopez: is the American boxer sick?

Well, the questions about Teofimo Lopez’s health were about to come after his gig with his promotion company, Top Rank.

It all happened when Lopez started pushing for a purse bid for the Kamboos fight, where he not only lost but suffered serious injuries.

To detail, during his training camp, Teofimo welcomed a tear in his esophagus which led to his hospitalization.

Doctors informed him that he was lucky the injury had not proved fatal. He was admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with pneumomediastinum

The medical condition can be defined as having a lot of air in the retropharyngeal space.

While being treated at a Manhattan hospital, Dr. Peter Constantino said Lopez was lucky to be alive because it would put extreme pressure on his neck and chest.

This incident also raised concerns about the mental well-being of Teofimo Lopez.

Reports suggest that he has dealt with mental health issues in the past which has been a topic of discussion in various interviews.

During an interview, he alluded to his ongoing divorce from his future ex-wife, Cynthia, as a contributing factor in his journey towards improving his mental health.

When asked, Lopez provided updates on his mental state, expressing that he was fine.

On April 8, 2023, it was announced that Teofimo would challenge Josh Taylor for The Ring Light Welterweight Championship. The fight took place on June 10, 2023.

During the fight, Lopez put in a lot of effort and emerged victorious, winning the WBO welterweight title by unanimous decision.

Read about the Teofimo Lopez controversy

Once again, Teofimo Lopez’s controversial comments propelled him into the spotlight, diverting attention from the boxing ring.

Despite the intense focus on his bitter rivalry, his recent statements sparked widespread controversy and accusations of racial bias against promoter ESPN.

During an interview with Punsh Drunk Boxing, Lopez expressed his views directly and explicitly, stating:

“So I don’t flirt with shit.” “All these d*** motherfuckers are rolling and sucking d***, sorry for my language but that’s the point, I don’t stray from it.”

While Lopez’s father, Teofimo Lopez Sr., has come to his defense, those comments have received negative reception from fans and fellow fighters in the sport.

The exchange between father and son included statements such as “Keep this in a file!” from Jr and a response of “Off the record!” some R.

Jr insisted that the discussion be recorded, despite Sr’s concerns about potential repercussions.

Similarly, another interview featuring them also sparked further concerns, as the duo engaged in a heated verbal argument in the presence of an ESPN presenter.

The leaked interview prompted a fan to express concern, suggesting that Lopez should prioritize seeking therapy over getting into fights.

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