Hayden Panettiere Steps Out with Brian Hickerson as Source Says ‘They’ve Remained Friends’


Hayden Panettiere has rejoined with Brian Hickerson in entrance of Thanksgiving.

The Nashville star, 33, was observed with Hickerson — with whom she had a violent on-and-off, four-year relationship — at Los Angeles Global Air terminal on Tuesday.


The pair have been dressed nonchalantly as they cleared their path by way of the air terminal.

Panettiere brandished a darkish pullover and baseball cap whereas Hickerson wore a darkish shirt and a retrogressive baseball cap. A provide tells Individuals solely that the pair has “remained companions as he’s tried to turn his life around” inside the wake of being engaged with a battle previous a L.A. bar with the entertainer and spending time in jail in jail for aggressive habits at home.

The pair’s Thanksgiving exposing comes eight months after Panettiere and Hickerson obtained proper right into a fight with others whereas they’ve been open air the Nightfall Marquis in Los Angeles, as current in video film obtained by TMZ. In the clasp, Panettiere and Hickerson have been caught contending with a gathering previous the inn bar.

At remaining, the circumstance swelled into an exact quarrel, with every Panettiere and Hickerson taking part inside the battle.

In a selective clarification to Individuals at the moment, a rep for Panettiere developed the incidence and affirmed the entertainer was “OK.”

“While within the eatery of the Dusk Marquis Brian Hickerson, who turned out to accompany Hayden, mentioned one thing to an individual about leaving the server an unlucky tip.

That equal individual alongside the gathering he was with began bullying and pushing Brian so, all in all safety pushed everyone outdoors,” talked about the rep.

“Brian was gone after by the gathering as was Hayden who in her most effort tried to diffuse the circumstance.

Hayden was rejected the possibility to offer an assertion to the police as she was accompanied again inside. She is OK.”

In July 2021, Individuals affirmed that Panettiere was investing vitality with Hickerson after he frolicked in jail in jail for an abusive habits at home case collectively with the star.

Hickerson was condemned in April to 45 days in jail subsequent to arguing no drawback to 2 crime counts of harming a life confederate/companion/sweetheart/teen’s father or mom, the Los Angeles Head prosecutor’s Office affirmed to Individuals at the moment. He carried out his punishment from May 7 by way of May 20, jail information current. Notwithstanding jail time, Hickerson was condemned to 4 years of formal probation, 52 abusive habits at home programs, $500 in compensation and a five-year defensive request for harming Panettiere.

As to defensive request, a marketing consultant for the Los Angeles Lead prosecutor’s Office not too way back instructed Individuals it “doesn’t restrict the litigant and the casualty from genially interfacing with one another.” A provide instructed Individuals on the time that Hickerson is “in concentrated treatment.” The insider added: “Hayden will not fail to remember what he did however she needs to pardon and continue on. Hayden is level-headed and doing quite well.” Of their earlier get-together, Hickerson instructed E! News that he and Panettiere have been “dealing with a fellowship.”

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Hayden Panettiere Steps Out with Brian Hickerson as Source Says ‘They’ve Remained Friends’.For More Article Visit Esajaelina