Has Zhi Alan Cheng been arrested and charged? Accused of sexual assault

Why was Zhi Alan Cheng arrested? A New York-based doctor is facing sexual assault charges. Let’s find out more about his case.

Zhi Alan Cheng is a doctor at a major hospital in New York. He worked at NewYork-Presbyterian between July 2020 and December 2022.

Additionally, Zhi graduated with honors from Albany Medical College of Union University in 2016. Subsequently, he also served as a resident physician at California Pacific Medical Center.

Apart from that, Cheng also described himself as an internal medicine specialist in Flushing, New York.

Additionally, Cheng is currently under public scrutiny as he faces sexual assault charges, and people are eager to hear more about his arrest news and case update. , which has been described in detail below.

Has Zhi Alan Cheng been arrested and charged?

Yes, Zhi Alan Chang is arrested and charged with sexual assault. Recently, an anonymous patient sued NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and several staff members.

The unnamed woman accused the hospital of covering up Dr. Chang’s assault charges. It is reported that Chang drugged her with an unknown substance and recorded her assault in the examination room in June 2021.

Zhi was fired on Dec. 27, 2022, after a woman the doctor had an intimate relationship with told police she found video of Cheng repeatedly sedding and sexually assaulting her as she spent the night in his apartment.

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Zhi Alan Cheng is charged with sexual assault

In December 2022, a woman with whom Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng had an intimate relationship reportedly found videos of him sedating and sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions.

She informed the police, and Dr. Cheng was arrested on December 27. After that, police found additional sexual assault videos after searching his electronic devices.

On December 30 of the same year, Cheng was indicted by a grand jury and charged with rape, assault, unlawful surveillance and sexual abuse.

Following Cheng’s charges and detention, NewYork-Presbyterian was placed on leave and was also banned from hospital property and fired. Similarly, Cheng was suspended from practicing medicine on April 7, 2023.

Where is Zhi Alan Cheng now?

As previously reported, Zhi Alan Cheng was and faces sexual assault charges. Currently, he is awaiting trial on Rikers Island.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cheng receives huge criticism on the Internet due to his action. Many people have gathered and are urging individuals to come forward and open up if they have become victims of Cheng.

A post was also posted on the New York Personal Injury Attorneys blog asking everyone to contact them if any loved ones also faced the same incident related to Dr. Zhi.

They also said that one can call the NYC Sex Abuse Lawyers at 212-943-1090 for a free consultation, or one can also contact them by email.

Additionally, Zhi’s cases remain open and pending. Thus, more details regarding Cheng’s case could be updated.

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